Check out the premieres of the week in theaters

Charlie Cox talks about clashes between Matt Murdock and Elektra

Check out the movies that hit theaters in Brazil this week:

Spider-Man in Spider-Man

Peter Parker wears Spider-Man’s uniform to save the world. But young Miles Morales, who lives in Brooklin, will end up at Aranhaverso, where more than one person can adopt the identity of Spider-Man. Now, it is Miles who faces a major threat that arrives in New York.

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Mortal Machines

In a post-apocalyptic world, cities have been transformed into vehicles and are now called traction cities. They exploit each other’s natural resources and in the midst of chaos is Tom Natsworthy and an assassin, who struggle to survive while a new weapon threatens the future.

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Family matter

A family of petty criminals adopts an orphaned child found on the street. They survive on a pension for the elderly and for small robberies that they make on their way from the city, it is in one of these robberies that they find the lonely child. Despite difficulties and wrong attitudes, they are a happy family.

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The wife

The writer Joe Castleman (Jonathan Pryce) will receive the Helsinki Prize for Literature in Stockholm. On the trip, he and his wife, Joan Castleman (Glenn Close), reevaluate the long, collapsing marriage. Joan no longer supports the relationship and is seriously considering asking for a divorce.

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