Check out the most impressive libraries in the world

Check out the most impressive libraries in the world

The first library in the world was built in Nineveh, in present-day Iraq, around the 7th century BC. C .. Currently, we can find several around the world and there are awesome libraries that enchant mainly book lovers, historians and architecture lovers.

The attractions range from stunning buildings, with large interiors containing surprising decorations, such as sculptures and works, to the vast collections full of historical and important documents.

Here, we separate some of the most impressive libraries in the world:

most beautiful libraries in the world

Most impressive libraries in the world

Royal Portuguese Reading Office (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Built by Portuguese immigrants in 1837, but only in 1900 does it become a public Library. In 2014, it was on the list of the 20 most beautiful libraries in the world, according to the magazine.

It has what is considered the largest collection of Lusophone literature outside Portugal, containing rare books and several manuscripts.

The façade is inspired by the Jerónimos Monastery, in Lisbon, and the interior impresses with the amount of works, details and the Reading Room, which receives natural light.

United States Library of Congress (Washington, United States)

Inaugurated in 1800, after John Adams signed an act that would make Washington the new federal capital.

THE library it is divided into three buildings and considered the largest in the world, with more than 170 million items, from books, articles, maps, manuscripts, films, scores and sound recordings.

In its collection is a draft of the United States Declaration of Independence and a copy of Gutenberg’s bible.

Vancouver Central Library (Vancouver, Canada)

Established in 1995, its architecture resembles a modern Colosseum.

It has a vast collection – with books, magazines, music and videos – and has a pleasant space for all visitors. It has already been visited by more than 6.5 million people and is one of 22 libraries of the city’s public system.

Clementinum – Biblioteca Clementina (Prague, Czech Republic)

Library built in 1722 in the Baroque style, it has a long history and was once a Jesuit college.

It has impressive architecture and paintings by Jan Hiebl. It houses around 20 thousand copies of literature and topics such as medicine and theology.

George Peabody Library (Baltimore, United States)

Built in the 19th century at the initiative of the writer and entrepreneur George Peabody, so that it was free to use and accessible to everyone.

The 1878 building has six wide floors and the glass ceiling makes the place filled with natural light, making the place stunning.

It houses more than 300,000 copies of different subjects and times. Currently, he is part of Johns Hopkins University and is always among the lists of libraries most beautiful places around the world.

Alexandrina Library (Alexandria, Egypt)

With centuries of history, the current library it was built in 2002 and has 11 levels (four of which are underground).

The building houses the largest collection of books in Africa and still provides space for museums, auditoriums and even a planetarium.

It draws attention due to its impressive and detailed granite facade with characters from the alphabets known today.

Alexandrina Library

British Library (London, United Kingdom)

Founded in 1973, library National of the United Kingdom is one of the largest in the world, with about 170 million items from different origins and times, with around 14 million titles.

In addition to the collection, the large, modern building contains sculptures and ancient treasures. The site houses important manuscripts, such as the first editions of Shakespeare’s books, documents signed by kings, drafts by Leonardo da Vinci and even copies of the 1215 document that limited the power of England’s monarchs, the Magna Carta.

Admont Library (Admont, Austria)

Built in the Baroque style in 1776, it houses about 200 thousand volumes and is considered the largest library monastic.

The building impresses mainly because of the ceiling with paintings by Bartolomeo Altomonte, which show the stages of human knowledge at the highest point of Divine Revelation.

It houses important manuscripts, including the Admont Bible.

Trinity College Library (Dublin, Ireland)

Founded in 1712, the library is at the oldest university in Ireland.

It houses almost three million volumes and about 200 thousand older books in the library are kept in the so-called Long Room, an extensive and impressive dark wooden room.

In addition to a beautiful building and a vast collection, the library also holds treasures and manuscripts.

National Library of France (Paris, France)

Designed from 1862 to 1868 by Henri Labrouste, the architect of library de Sainte-Geneviève. The vast building has natural light and enchants with its elegant details.

It has about 36 million items, including collections dating from the Middle Ages.

Biblioteca Nacional Marciana (Venice, Italy)

It is one of the oldest in Italy, opened in 1468.

Its collection, which comes mostly from donations and inheritances, contains one of the richest collections of manuscripts in the world, several maps and works.

It occupies part of buildings from St. Mark’s Square on the bank of the Grand Canal in Venice and attracts many visitors.

Bodleian Library in Oxford (Oxford, England)

Inaugurated in 1602, one of the oldest in Europe, it is the main library research at the University of Oxford. The name alludes to Thomas Bodley, who donated several books and inaugurated the construction.

It houses a collection of around 11 million titles and is one of the libraries in charge of legally depositing works published across the UK.

National Library of Austria (Vienna, Austria)

Founded in the Middle Ages in the Baroque style, it is today one of the richest libraries from Austria.

It contains several historical documents, maps, papyrus atlases, ancient writings and books printed from 1500 onwards.

The building and the interior impress because of the rich decoration, which has marble statues.

National Library of Austria

Stuttgart Public Library (Stuttgart, Germany)

The building designed by Korean architect Eun Young Yi and built in 2011, houses the charming library of striking features.

It has about one million books and media available for rent.

The nine-story building impresses with its white interior that has made it a cultural attraction in the city.

Tianjin Public Library (Tianjin, China)

Built in 2017 and nicknamed “The Eye”, it is part of the Centro Cultural Binhai.

THE library Chinese is impressive for its modern architecture: five floors with capacity for a collection of 1.2 million books. The highlight is the large sphere in the center of the building, which really resembles an eye.