Check out the descriptions of the new characters from the Veronica Mars revival


Veronica Mars will win revival and in addition to the return of the main character experienced by Kristen Bell, the series will bring a series of new characters.

Take the opportunity to check out the descriptions:

Mohd Al-Thani: A recurring character, from the Middle East or Asia, between 50 and 60 years old. Al-Thani is a wealthy and educated man who hires Mars Investigations to find the one responsible for disfiguring his son. He solves all his problems with money and fears that the attack was a message aimed at him.

Lola Al-Thani: Recurring character, from the Middle East or Asia, between 50 and 60. Lola is Mohd’s wife and, like her husband, she is wealthy, well educated. She believes that money solves everything and also feels that her son may have been attacked because of his parents.

Aliyah Gwinn: A recurring, African American character, between 30 and 40-something. Sexy and cynical, Aliyah owns a popular ballad among students. Veronica feels that the place is the connection for a series of murders.

Sheriff Marcia Langdon: A special recurring character who is African American between 50 and 60 years old. Langdon has a reputation and has finally managed to clean up the corruption of the police department in the city of Neptune. Still, she is extremely ambitious and wants a new job in the county, so she plans to move soon.

Alonzo Lozano: Recurring special character, between 30 and 40 years old. Alonzo is a murderer in a Mexican cartel who comes to Neptune to find the person who killed his boss’s wife’s nephew. He finds love in the beach town and begins to rethink his career.

Dodie Mendoza: A special character recurring between 50 and 70. Mendoza is Alonzo’s partner and plans to retire. Alonzo disturbs him by not focusing on his work.

Harvey Moon: A special recurring character, a man in his 40s. A conversational pizza delivery guy who loves solving crimes. Out of luck but relaxed, Harvey accepts any path to fame.

Clyde Prickett: A recurring special character, a man between 40 and 60. Prickett is a former inmate who protected the great businessman Big Dick Casablancas in prison. Now he is associated with Big Dick. In reality, he is more dangerous than his boss and has a network of ex-convicts to do the dirty work.

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By Milena Costa