Check out the best streaming services to subscribe

Check out the best streaming services to subscribe

It is increasingly difficult to choose which platform to subscribe to, as more and more companies invest in the airline, creating their own paid entertainment platforms.

The increase in competition has caused them to intensify the competition for prices and invest in the production of original content. Since the new platforms do not arrive with an extensive catalog, however, they have more affordable prices.

The new offers end up leaving users confused about which service to subscribe to. However, most platforms allow a limited time for the public to watch their titles for free. That way, people can have a sample of, being able to choose with more certainty which suits them more before signing.

Best streaming platforms to subscribe to


hbo go

The da service HBO offers a single plan in the amount of R $ 34.90 per month with 3 simultaneous screens. But, for those who already subscribe to the channel, access to is free.

Through HBO GO, it is possible to watch the live TV channel and about 2500 films and series. Certainly, the platform’s great differential is its original series, mainly those of the drama genre, which are usually critical and public successes, such as,,, and . However, series from other genres also stand out, as is the case with comedy, which won 17 Emmy awards.


best netflix movies and series

Has 3 plan options that cost from R $ 21.90 to R $ 45.90, ranging from 1 to 4 simultaneous screens. Despite being the first and most famous platform, the relatively high prices made the Netflix feel the impacts of increased competition, which caused the loss of subscribers and content that were previously available in your catalog.

The solution found by was to invest in the production of original content, series and films such as,,,, and,,,,, and animation.

Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime video

With a good catalog and a cheap subscription, of R $ 9.90 monthly or R $ 89.90 per year, and has a limit of three screens. In addition, the subscriber gains one year of free shipping and access to Prime Music and Prime Reading.

The service from Amazon has conquered space in the market. The platform has original content such as, and also established successes, such as,,,, and.


best Globoplay movies

Rede Globo’s platform is a national service that costs R $ 22.90 per month and entitles you to 5 screens. THE Globoplay it has all the programs, soap operas, series and even newscasts of the station.

Is ideal for those who love Brazilian content, however, the platform does not fail to invest in its catalog with international series and films such as,,,,,, and its own productions, among them,, and.

Telecine Play

best movies on Telecine Play

It is the platform with the broadest and most comprehensive catalog of films, with more than 2 thousand titles with plans from 1 to 5 screens ranging from R $ 23.90 to R $ 37.90, and it is free for channel subscribers.

Despite the service of Telecine does not produce its own content, it makes films that have just left the cinema faster than other platforms.


free movies now

Net’s proposal is very similar to that of Telecine Play, films also arrive earlier in the Now that on other platforms, however, there is no original content produced by the platform. The operator’s customers have free access to some titles and discounts to rent them.


There are services that have already opened abroad, however, have not yet arrived in Brazil. This is the case of Disney + that should attract the public with its classic Pixar content, lengthy from e.

In addition to going straight to the movies without going through the cinemas and new productions, including a series based on the film.

The should arrive next year in Latin America. Thus, gradually Disney will begin to collect its productions that are available in other services.

THE Hulu it is also not available in the country. The platform is responsible for several series, such as the award-winning one. Some of its original content is distributed on several platforms, while it does not arrive in the country.