Check out the best Brazilian movies on Amazon Prime Video

Check out the best Brazilian movies on Amazon Prime Video

Currently, it is known that streaming platforms have been occupying a gigantic and growing scenario in the entertainment field, especially among young audiences. THE Amazon Prime Video, Amazon’s video-on-demand service, was founded in 2006 and, today, presents one of the most varied and comprehensive catalogs when it comes to cinema. However, when it comes to national productions, which are the best options provided to Amazon subscribers?

Before we list the best alternatives for a good national film in service, it is important to emphasize, unfortunately, that an old stereotype that “Brazilian films are not good” is still around and reverberates through popular culture in the country.

“Even if less, the view that national films do not have quality and / or content is still something very popularly constructed, which is not true, as we can see in results such as important indications and awards from Brazilian productions”, says Lucas Cunha , video producer for the Omelete Company.

This biased thinking is mainly due to the fact that national cinematographic works have a greater focus on points such as script, acting and plot. Instead of the massive investment in great special effects as we are used to seeing in Hollywood successes, which can contribute to the construction of this stereotype of refusal to national films.

Amazon Prime Video stands out as one of the platforms with the greatest openness and possibilities for Brazilian films and, therefore, what, then, are the best alternatives to enjoy a good national production? Check out!

City of God (2004)

The feature film directed by Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund, based on the work of Paulo Lins, is already acclaimed as a classic of national film production.

Having had several Oscar and Golden Globe nominations and having several strong names in the cast – such as Alice Braga, Seu Jorge, Douglas Silva and Matheus Nachtergaele – the film shows the extreme violence and marginalization of children in Rio de Janeiro and how the sensitive look of a boy growing up in the middle of it all can cross old barriers.

Movie City of God (2004)

Canta Maria (2006)

The film, starring Vanessa Giácomo and directed by Francisco Ramalho Jr., narrates the chaotic situation of the Northeast in 1930 that, in a scenario of war between the army and the cangaço, presents us, in the midst of persecution and violence, one of the most famous female figures of Brazilian history: Maria Bonita and her real perspective towards a life that has always been shown to us from other points of view.

Canta Maria movie (2006)

Coffee with Cinnamon (2017)

Being a more recent work, the film’s production features Ary Rosa and Glenda Nicácio, in the direction, and names like Valdinéia Soriano, Aline Brune and Babu Santana in the cast. In the Recôncavo da Bahia area, the stories, losses and pains of two women cross and talk to each other, showing through meetings and cafes how life is renewed and reinvented.

Movie Coffee with Cinnamon (2017)

Dreams of a Dreamer – The Story of Frank Aguiar (2010)

The story of the singer, composer, instrumentalist and politician, Francineto Luz de Aguiar, and his trajectory through Brazil in the search for recognition as a popular musician of Forró Eletrônico is narrated faithfully and in an extremely beautiful way in Caco Milano’s feature, being listed by great names of Brazilian dramaturgy, such as Chico Anysio, Gustavo Leão and the musician Frank Aguiar himself.

Dreams of a Dreamer - The Story of Frank Aguiar (2010)

In Your Name (2009)

Contextualized in Brazil by the military dictatorship, the drama tells the story of Boni, a young engineering student without many resources who allies himself with armed struggle. Under the direction of Paulo Nascimento and starring Fernanda Moro, Julia Feldens and Leonardo Machado it is impossible not to imagine experiencing the same conflicts that the young man faces, having such an uncertain future ahead when seeing the democratic decline of his country.

Movie In Your Name (2009)

Interested in a title? All the movies mentioned are available on the platform of Amazon Prime Video, just check it out and then entertain yourself with this rich and diverse national cultural repertoire!