Check out the 5 best romantic comedies on Netflix

Check out the 5 best romantic comedies on Netflix

The world is going through a very delicate moment with the pandemic of Covid-19. Thus, it is essential that the population obeys social distance, avoid agglomerations, stay at home and only leave when strictly necessary. With that, the intensification of the search for news about the new coronavirus becomes inevitable.

However, it is important to know how to measure the information and look for alternative distractions, like listening to that animated playlist, reading a good book, or watching a romantic comedy on Netflix. So, check below for a list of the best films of the genre for you to see!

Best romantic comedies on Netflix

1. (2008)

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Tom (Patrick Dempsey) and Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) are best friends, but when she travels to Scotland on business, he feels emptiness inside him and realizes that his feelings for her go far beyond a great friendship. He finds himself in love, decides to ask Hannah’s hand in marriage and is determined to reveal the whole truth as soon as she returns.

Tom just didn’t count on her not returning from a single trip, but engaged to a wealthy Scotsman. Hannah, in turn, invites her best friend to be her “godmother”. From then on, he does everything to prevent the marriage from taking place and tries to show her that he is the ideal man.

It is a pleasant film to learn a little about Scottish customs and testify that from a great friendship a beautiful love story can be born.

2. (1999)

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Inspired by William Shakespeare, the film that turned twenty-one this year (2020) brings the story of two very different sisters: Katherine Stratford (Julia Stiles), the oldest, and Bianca Stratford (Larisa Oleynik). While the youngest is the school popular and crazy to date Joey Donner (Andrew Keegan), her sister is said to be a vixen because of her frequent moodiness and not wanting to think about suitors.

The girls’ conservative father (Larry Miller) determines that Bianca can only date if her sister does too. However, Katherine is far from allowing herself to be interested in anyone. Upon learning of this, Cameron (Joseph Gordon-levitt), crazy about Bianca, offers Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger) a sum to make Katharine fall in love with him.

Gil Junger’s film invites us to the delicious sensation of going back to the past and remembering high school times with a nostalgic high school setting.

3. (2004)

As if it were the first time

Have you ever imagined falling in love with someone one day and, the next, realizing that the person just doesn’t remember you anymore? Well, believe me, that’s exactly what happens in the film directed by Peter Segal.

Conquering veterinarian Henry (Adam Sandler) will need, more than ever, to live up to his fame when he quickly falls in love with the lovely teacher Lucy (Drew Barrymore), who suffers from recent memory loss. Thus, his task is to win her back every day, using different devices.

The feature film brings a not-so-trivial lesson about love: it is necessary to conquer the loved one daily. It is worth checking! What are you waiting for to have fun and be moved by Henry’s creativity?

4. (1994)

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In the production directed by Norman Jewison, Professor Faith (Marisa Tomei) strongly believes in the concept of a soul mate and that there is someone, since her childhood, destined for her.

A few days before her wedding, she takes the call from Damon Bradley, a colleague of her fiancé, and the same name that mystically appeared on the Ouija board when she was a girl, saying that he could not go to the wedding as he would be traveling to Venice.

This leaves her incredibly instigated and she goes to meet the boy, however, in the middle of the journey she meets a person who will shake her heart. Your name? Damon (Robert Downey Jr.).

5. (2004)

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After being betrayed, risk analyst Reuben (Ben Stiller) wants, more than ever, to reorganize his life. So, he decides to return to his hometown and is surprised to find his primary schoolmate, Polly (Jennifer Aniston), whom he hasn’t seen in a while. Soon, something more starts to roll between the two. The relationship is gradually built, one day at a time, and they start to share good times, others less so.

And, in addition, Jennifer Aniston’s character helps the protagonist to free himself from objects that remind him of his old relationship. In John Hamburg’s film, Reuben needs to live with his ex-wife wanting to resume the wedding, with the antics of Polly’s pet ferret craftsman and still learns fun parsley steps.