Check out some bands to keep an eye on this year

Check out some bands to keep an eye on this year

Annually, expectations are created about the future of solo bands and artists. In 2016, the duo Twenty One Pilots recorded their first successes, and, and also made their first performance at Lollapalooza Brasil. After 3 years, in the same place, the proportion of fans and the commotion to make the band’s second visit to the country unique was notoriously greater.

The journey of discovering new artists, today, takes place mainly on the internet, as it was with Tame Impala, who started the last decade by releasing his first album, and ended it already with albums acclaimed by the critics and the public, being used repeatedly by Brazilians for the production of memes related to one of their greatest successes,.

Through television, there is also the revelation of new bands, as in 2015 happened with Scalene and Supercombo, after their participation in the reality show. Even in 2020, there are national and international bands betting.

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brockhampton songs

The alternative hip-hop boyband, Brockhampton, was founded by Kevin Abstract and Ameer Vann in 2015. Today, the band has 14 members, part of which met virtually through the KanyeToThe forum.

With a 5-year career, the band gathers 6 studio albums, 3 of which are part of the album trilogy, which brought the band their first successes, and also Boogie – which became known for viralizing the phrase “Best boyband since One Direction” among the group’s fans.

Today, Brockhampton works with his latest studio album, released in the 2nd semester of 2019. The album has a track that went viral on the social network TikTok, and won a special remix released in early March with the participation of Dua Lipa.

The boyband also unites fans in shows across all continents, with performances at festivals like Camp Flog Gnaw, in the USA, and Lollapalooza Stockholm.

The group’s appearance in the 2020 edition of the South American editions of Lollapalooza and Coachella was also expected, however, due to the pandemic of Covid-19, there is no confirmation as to whether the show will continue in the line-up of festivals postponed to the second half.


listen to music

The goiana band Brvnks, today, composed by Bruna GuimarĂŁes, Edimar Filho, Ian Alves, Rodrigo Gianesi and HelĂ´ Cleaver appeared in 2016, with the EP.

In 2019, months after playing at the opening of the main stage of Lollapalooza, the band’s debut album was released by Sony Music.

In addition to Lollapalooza, the group usually opens international shows in Brazil, such as Courtney Barnett and Shame, in 2019, in addition to the concert by the band Turnover in Porto Alegre, scheduled for June 2020.

In interviews, Bruna says that her recent album addresses her daily stress and anger. Part of the are new versions of songs that were already part of the EP, such as and, and also studio versions of songs that were already played live as and, previously named as. Among the unreleased tracks are e, a single that even has a clip.


songs to listen to in quarantine

The trio Tuyo was formed in 2016 by Lio, Lay Soares and Machado. In 2017, they debuted with the EP of four tracks, gathering songs like and, which until today are among the public’s favorites.

After the debut album, released in 2018, the band played at festivals such as Bananada, in Goiânia, Festival CoMA, in Brasília, and Balaclava Fest, in São Paulo.

Today, it can be said that the trio manages to reach a wide versatility, because it gathers in its repertoire great partnerships, as, with Baco Exu do Blues, , with the Fresno band, and the remix of, made by DJ Boss In Drama.

For 2020, the trio has recently released singles and, in partnership with the band Terno Rei. There is also a forecast for the release of the second studio album, with tracks produced by Lucas Silveira, Fresno’s vocalist who also worked on the production of songs for Medulla and Initial Capital.

King Suit

quarantined songs

Founded in 2014, the band King Suit, today, is one of the biggest references of national indie rock and dream pop. After two studio albums were released, the third, marked the group’s career and Brazilian music in 2019, making its presence in the rankings of the best albums of the year, such as the one on the website.

With the album, the group presented their melancholic tracks at the Ibirapuera Auditorium in July 2019, months later they were confirmed at the recently postponed edition of Lollapalooza Brasil and at the opening of the Turnover show in SĂŁo Paulo.

There is also the possibility to follow the most recent album in its entirety, in the Session released a few months ago.


listening to British music in quarantine

With only 11 years of activity, the British band Idles today is one of the biggest references in punk rock. Her first album, from 2017, features great tracks like, which openly criticizes conservatism in UK politics.

In 2018, the band’s latest album, came with the discussion of important current issues, such as the xenophobic character of Brexit in music.

Idles’ authenticity earned the group positive reviews, averaging 88 for the site. According to, the band’s second album is a “beautiful example of humanity delivered by men whose vulnerability and heart have become a guiding light in the fog for a growing community of fans”.

As for the shows, the group was expected to attend two performances in São Paulo in the first week of April, for Lollapalooza and the promotional event at Z – Largo da Batata. However, with the festival postponed to December, the band’s presence is still uncertain at the Autódromo de Interlagos. It remains then to wait with the presentations registered on YouTube.