Check out all of Tarantino’s appearances in his films

Check out all of Tarantino’s appearances in his films

Quentin Tarantino is one of the most influential directors of his generation. Fill the viewers’ eyes and ears with bloody action scenes and well-structured dialogues, respectively.

In addition to these two trademarks, another characteristic aspect of the filmmaker is that Tarantino likes to appear in his own achievements. See here all Quentin Tarantino’s appearances in his own films.

Character appearances

1. Mr. Brown – (1992)

quentin tarantino

In , his first film as a director, Quentin Tarantino plays Mr. Brown, one of the thieves gathered by Mr. White (Harvey Keitel). In one of the scenes in which he appears, he discusses the song, by Madonna.

The film launched the success of the visionary filmmaker, paving the way for Quentin Tarantino’s entry into the film industry.

2. Jimmie – (1994)

pulp Fiction

In the classic and most acclaimed film by Tarantino, the director plays Jimmie Dimmick, an acquaintance of Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson). On the occasion, he helps Jules and Vincent Vega (John Travolta) to clean their car after being involved in a murder.

Initially, Tarantino would play another character, Lance, but ended up deciding to act like Jimmy because he wanted to stay behind the camera in an important scene, in which Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) overdoses. Lance’s role ended up going to Eric Stoltz.

For the film, Quentin Tarantino won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, alongside Roger Avary, in 1995.

3. Australian official – (2012)

In the film that won him the second Oscar for ‘Best Original Screenplay’ for Tarantino and the first Oscar for ‘Supporting Actor’, for Christoph Waltz (plays the dentist Dr. Schulz), the director emerges as an Australian who works for the company of mining company “Le Quint Dickey Mining Co.”. In the scene, the character is tricked and murdered by Django (Jamie Foxx).

4. Warren – (2007)

quentin tarantino life

In one of his lowest-grossing films, Quentin Tarantino plays bartender Warren. The film was released as the first part of the project, the second part being the work of Robert Rodriguez.

Minor appearances

5. “American” Soldier on film and scalped Nazi Soldier – (2009)

inglorious bastard scenes

In yet another film by the director who won the Oscar for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ (again for Christoph Walz, this time as Colonel Hans Landa), Quentin appears not just once, but twice.

The first occurs at the beginning of the film, when the director’s character appears to be scalped by Lieutenant Aldo “The Apache” Raine (Brad Pitt). In the second time, the director appears as an “American Soldier”, in the film by the character Frederick Zoller (Daniel Brühl).

inglorious bastards

Audio appearances

6. Narrator – (2015)

In the chapter () of the film, a voice narrates the food poisoning by Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh). The voice is none other than that of Tarantino himself.

The director’s eighth film won an Oscar (‘Best Original Soundtrack’ for Ennio Morricone) and was nominated for two others, including ‘Best Photography’ (Robert Richardson) and ‘Best Supporting Actress’ (Jennifer Jason Leigh).

7. Answering machine –

In his third film, Quentin Tarantino adapts Elmore Leonard’s novel to the big screen. Following his taste for making points in his features, Tarantino appears in the film but, as in, by audio. On the occasion, the director makes the voice of the answering machine of Jackie Brown (Pam Grier).

The film earned an Oscar nomination for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for Robert Foster, who passed away in 2019.