Check out 6 feminist series to get inspired by Netflix

Check out 6 feminist series to get inspired by Netflix

Thinking about International Women’s Day, we selected 6 series feminists To to inspire.

The search for entertainment is not always easy, especially if the content platform is vast. Thinking about it, check out 6 feminist series to be inspired by Netflix:

1 – (5 seasons)

The Operators.  |  Photo: Reproduction.

The Spanish series of the time, which portrays the revolution in customs, shows the mishaps of women entering the workforce. In addition, it brings romantic and friendship issues.

Synopsis: In 1928, with the opening of a telecommunications company in Madrid, women start working as telephone operators and become friends. Therefore, the friends start to fight for the rights of workers and women.

2 – (5 seasons on Netflix and 6 released)

How to Get Away with Murder.  |  Reproduction.

The North American series adds to its plot, full of mysteries, racial and gender issues.

Synopsis: Annalize Keating (Viola Davis) is a renowned lawyer hired to solve the case of a murdered student. Therefore, she defends the deceased’s friend, in this case, accused of having killed her. However, in the course of the plot, the lawyer reveals that many unimaginable mysteries permeate the case.

3 – (7 seasons)

Orange Is the New Black.  |  Photo: Reproduction.

The series brings out the feeling of imprisonment experienced by the protagonist. Thus, it shows how a federal minimum security prison works.

Synopsis: Piper Chapman is convicted of a past crime – she carried a suitcase full of money from drug trafficking at the request of her ex-girlfriend. However, she only goes to prison because she chooses to surrender and stay in prison, instead of continuing to live her life.

4 – (1 season) Bad

The Alienist.  |  Photo: Reproduction.

It is a dramatic and suspenseful series based on the novel of the same name.

Synopsis: The story features Police Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt, who appoints criminal psychologist, Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, and journalist, John Moore, to conduct an investigation into the murders of male escorts in secret.

5 – (3 seasons)

Jessica Jones.  |  Photo: Reproduction.

With an escape from the heroine ideal, Jessica Jones shows her vast abilities and her super strength. The series is based on the creation of Marvel Comics.

Synopsis: After the tragic end of her career as a hero, Jessica begins to act as a private detective in New York City.

6 – (3 seasons)

One day at time.  |  Photo: Reproduction.

Through a comedy, the program tells in a stripped down way about the family relationship.

Synopsis: In a new version of the television classic, the series is about a family of Cuban immigrants, in which the divorced mother and traditionalist grandmother raise a teenager and a pre-teenager.

By Isabela Cagliari – Writing Speak! Universities