Check out 5 songs that turn 100 in 2020

Check out 5 songs that turn 100 in 2020

Over the years, the public’s taste for music went through changes. New styles were incorporated, artists emerged and different media that were born began to show the compositions to listeners.

Today, digital media has been instrumental in maintaining many songs in people’s memories, lasting decades, even centuries. check out 5 songs that turn 100 in 2020.

5 songs that turn 100 in 2020

1. – Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra

The song, by Paul Whiteman, was released on the album. The song was recorded for the company, and ranked first among the most heard in the United States, lasting eleven weeks in the position. Today, it is the tenth most heard of the singer on Spotify, with 44,130 listeners.

2. – Baiano and Izaltina

The samba / carnaval, by Baiano (stage name of Manuel Pedro do Santos) and Izaltina was composed by Caninha (José Luiz de Morais). The song was re-recorded in 2016 by Lira Carioca, Clara Sandroni and Marcos Sacramento, on the album. It is available on Spotify.

3. – Al Jonson

Written in 1919 by George Gershwin and composed by Irving Caesar, the song was recorded by Al Jonson in 1920. It was produced for the screening in New York and, according to Gershwin and Caesar, was partially written as a parody of, of Stephen Foster. The song has 171,483 listeners on Spotify.

4. – Mamie Smith

was written by Perry Bredford and recorded by Mamie Smith on August 10, 1920. The song was released by Okeh Records, and added to the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1994. It is Mamie Smith’s most heard song on Spotify, with 3,157 .243 listeners.

5. – Ted Lewis

Published by Harry Von Tilzer Music Publishing Co., it stayed for eighteen weeks on the 1920 charts. It was released several times, so that the 1938 version was also among the most popular. It currently has 35,000 views on YouTube.