Check out 5 old drawings that marked the 2000s

Check out 5 old drawings that marked the 2000s

Childhood is a remarkable time in all aspects and, in the field of drawings and series that entertained us, it’s no different. For those who grew up in 2000’s, had a real banquet of options to spend the days and some of those drawings that marked your childhood you remember until now.

Remember the 5 drawings that marked the 2000s:


The animation created by Butch Hartman first aired in 2001 and, in 2017, was canceled by Nickelodeon.

The series shows the boy Timmy Turner, who is 10 years old and lives in the city of Dimmsdale, and has two magical godparents, Cosmo – more clumsy and playful – and Wanda – more cautious.

The interaction between the two fairies, the boy and the other characters, such as Timmy’s parents and their babysitter who mistreats him, Vicky, makes laughs for the whole family.

Synopsis: Timmy Turner is a 10-year-old boy with absent parents and a babysitter who mistreats him, until one day two fairies named Cosmo and Wanda pay a visit to him and become his inseparable companions.


One of the most iconic cartoons of recent times, it was created by Stephen Hillemburg and had its debut in 1999, but it is still shown today.

The animation has as its protagonist the character that gives the drawing its name and tells his adventures in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom, the series has hilarious supporting characters, such as Patrick Estrela, SpongeBob’s best friend, and others.

Synopsis: Bob Esponja lives in Fenda do Bikini and works as a cook at Siri Cascudo restaurant and, in his spare time, gets in trouble with his friends.


The American animated series that aired from 2000 to 2005 was broadcast here, in Brazil, by Tv Globinho until 2015 and, for this reason, it was so marked in the country.

The drawing shows Jackie Chan, an amateur archaeologist and a master of martial arts, as he searches for 12 magical talismans that can wreak havoc against the evil Black Hand society.

With great action and adventure scenes, in addition to a lot of fun, the animation marked the mornings of many.

Synopsis: Jackie Chan leads his peaceful and tranquil life as an archaeologist until he finds a talisman out of the 12 sought after by the Black Hand organization in search of reviving an ancient spirit.


And we have another animation by Butch Hartman, now it’s time for , which also marked Brazilian screens.

Danny is a boy who, after an accident in his parents’ laboratory, turns into a half ghost hero. With a healthy comedy and intriguing adventures, this animation left its mark on the decade.

Synopsis: Danny Phantom is 14 and not one of the most popular in school, until an accident in his parents’ lab allows him to access the ghost zone and become a hero.


Another drawing that marked the beginning of the 2000s, , created by Danny Antonucci, is still remembered in Brazil for its broadcast on Cartoon Network.

The animation deals with three protagonists, who name the series. They live in Vancouver’s Peach Creek neighborhood, and in each episode there is a different plot, but the goal is to get money to buy their caramel candies.

The unparalleled humor was marked by the union of the three friends.

Synopsis: Du, Dudu and Edu are three friends who live in a suburb of Vancouver, with alternative personalities and only one goal: money for their beloved caramel candies, they make different schemes involving their neighbors to achieve their goal.

Yeah, being a kid in the 2000s was really a gift.