Check calendar and what to expect from CinemaCon 2019, the largest cinema convention in the world!

Check calendar and what to expect from CinemaCon 2019, the largest cinema convention in the world!

Between April 1 and April 4, Las Vegas CinemaCon, the largest cinema convention in the world!

The event gathers in the USA the cinema exhibitors of the world, the big studios and the distributors to talk about trends, give lectures and of course show the news of the market for this and the next years.

The event also celebrates the “Moviegoing experience” that is, how cinemas can improve the user experience when going to the cinema. For us, this may seem a bit intangible, but for them it is super important, after all it is an industry that moves billions of dollars each year and lives in a constant wave of needing to innovate every moment, whether because of competition with TV, internet and / or streaming services.

But for us, what CinemaCon the best are the presentations from the big studios that are there to sell their fish with productions and films that will be launched in the coming months.

So, this year, we will have news from the giants Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Disney and Universal Pictures. THE Sony Pictures decided to stay out this year, and 20th Century FOX does not participate due to merger with Disney.

Smaller American studios like Lionsgate and STX Films they will also show up there. Here in Brazil, their productions come here by different distributors, so it is a little tricky to decide which film comes here, before the studios themselves announce, after all not all production comes from the same distributor.

But we separate the schedule for the larger studios and what to expect from each and what can appear in the presentations. Of course, we will only know on the day of each presentation, but you can already have an overview with the films on the calendar of each one.

Check it out here:

April 2 – Tuesday

STX Films (1pm)

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A small studio opens for presentation at CinemaCon 2019 this year. Most of the STX Films arrive in Brazil through Diamond Films, and the list of upcoming projects is not very long.

The biggest launch of STX Films for now it’s musical animation Ugly Dolls (learn more here).

In the grid we still have, the comedy Poms with Diane Keaton.21 Bridges, The horror The Boy 2 with Katie Holmes and the spin-off of Perfect is the Mother, Bad Dads.

Another highlight is Hustlers, with Jennifer Lopez being recorded in the USA at the moment. For us these must be the films that STX must bring to the event.

Warner Bros Pictures (20h)

The afternoon of the day, 2 will be marked by the Warner Bros. Led by the Group’s Charman, Toby Emmerich the studio will hold a presentation on its upcoming films.

Thus, the studio has a great year ahead of it. Our bets that those present must attend the first contents of Joker and It- Thing 2!

THE Warner Bros should still capitalize on Shazam! that arrives in theaters this week, and in its next big releases The Weeping Curse, Detective Pikachu and Godzilla 2!

For the year, the studio still has the following films: Annabelle 3 (which won its first trailer on Saturday), The Kitchen, The Goldfinch, and Doctor Sleep.

In the DC area, who knows, we may have news from Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), Wonder Woman 1984, and also about the Batman in Matt Reeves.

The studio also hosts a session for drama guests Blinded by the Light which is scheduled to debut in September in Brazil.

April 3 – Wednesday

Universal Pictures (1:45 pm)

Universal Pictures opens the third day of CinemaCon with its panel on its upcoming projects.

The biggest one should be with the new film of the franchise Fast and furious, the spin-off Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw. Universal Pictures can take Jason Statham and The Rock on the stage.

The studio still has the horror movies, Bad and The Hunt, some Blumhouse productions, and even animations The Secret Life of Pets 2 and Abominable.

Complete the list of dramas Yesterday, Good Boys, Last Christmas and Cats.

Walt Disney Studios (19h)

THE Walt Disney Group is the next company to perform at CinemaCon later in the day. With Avengers: Endgame arriving at the end of April, Disney is able to take some talents to the stage and can be sure that they will use the hype upon production to make a lot of noise.

News about the line-up of Marvel Studios, we think they should be announced only at D23 in August.

About the franchise Star Wars it is difficult for the studio to release anything at the event, and next week we will have celebrations Star Wars. But you have to wait and see.

In the field of animations of Pixar, Disney has Toy Story 4, Frozen 2 and Onward, we think that the studio should release some new material for those present, but that it should not go out online.

In the part of live-action, Disney has the films Aladdin, Lion King, Artemis Fowl, Malevola 2 and in 2020, Mulan and Jungle Cruise.

It is not known whether 20th Century FOX films will be commented on this panel.

April 4 – Thursday

Paramount Pictures (14h)

Paramount Pictures opens the final day of CinemaCon 2019 with its panel.

The studio comes out with a big release in the US this week, Damn cemetery, that arrives in Brazil only in May. AND Rocketman with Taron Egerton as Elton John who must, along with Dora and the Lost City be the main releases of the studio in the year.

The controversial film Sonic can show up on some content, as well as dramas Rhythm section and Gemini Man.

For 2020 the studio still has the sequence of A Quiet Place and Top Gun!

Lionsgate (18h15)

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The productions of Lionsgate usually arrive in Brazil through Paris Filmes.

The studio will exhibit one of its biggest releases for the first half, the comedy Improbable Couple.

The next films in the studio catalog are dramas John Wick 3 – Parabellum, Angel Has Fallen, Knives out and Run.

And what novelty do you expect CinemaCon bring us? Comment here and be sure to follow our coverage there on Twitter and Instagram!