Charmed | 1 × 21-22 – Red Rain / The Source Awakens [Season Finale]

 Charmed |  1 × 21-22 - Red Rain / The Source Awakens [Season Finale]

Charmed came to its end with the Source entering Macy’s body, who decided to play a savior. Both episodes were focused on the Enchanted ones looking for a way to avoid the end of the world and its prophecy, in addition to dealing with such power.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Harbinder was on the loose and Alistair was ready to take over the world, but we see Fiona and Charisty being destroyed, just as his plan falls apart when Parker’s humanity speaks louder, as his love for Maggie is very big.

Faced with so many problems, especially with Galvin sacrificing himself, Macy sees himself as the new source and begins to impose things, which makes the sisters desperate, and Harry is at a loss as to how to guide them.

Erasing memories, changing the past, and your inner demon trying to dominate you.

The finale itself was a fight between Macy and Mel, Maggie and Harry, as well as bringing back Marisol, who needs to see her family in trouble. With every move in the timeline, Macy demonstrates that her biggest fear was being alone, and that’s where they get attached.

Macy in every confrontation is hurt by Mel, and in the end they strive to forgive each other, even though each has their reasons for their actions. Macy is annoyed that she can’t save Galvin, while Mel to save Niko has erased his memory.

In the end they destroy the bad and spread in 3 directions and have their memories erased as to their fates, and as there are no more Elders, they are the new counselors.

Charmed so he wants to change the way he conducts his 2nd season and I look forward to it. In some moments the series created a lot of belly in its plot and seemed to go nowhere, but found itself in the final moments. We will see how they will conduct the new year, but I am in doubt if I will return to see…