Charmed | 1 × 18 – The Replacement

 Charmed |  1 × 18 - The Replacement

If Charmed no longer has his whitelighter Harry, so the elders send me Tessa. I liked her input, but the fact that Yoruba came to torment the girls was very interesting, only the series still has their relationship with magic to stay sharp.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Things start to nest and the series is slow to show us that. The Elders fear that the Enchanted ones will get lost along the way and asks Tessa to reinforce their magic learning, which Harry did not do, at the same time we see that the Sarcanas were decimated by Fiona, leaving only Jada to tell what happened and run away from there.

It looks like the war will come with everything, and look, we still have Alastair who took Charity with him and was not mentioned anymore.

Galvin returned from his journey with the fundamental piece to remove the demonic part of Macy, only he was very upset to see that she no longer wants to get rid of that side, as he was important in discovering who killed his mother, Marisol, in addition to be important in countless moments.

And that demon part ends up attracting Yoruba, who used Galvin’s interest in her to enter her body and thus approach and dominate Macy. She manages to stop Galvin’s heart and force Yoruba to leave his body, so that the sisters can unite and kill him.

Mel needs to deal with the death of the Sarcanas and I want to see how she will deal with it, only Niko starts to get on her feet, since she knows that something is wrong around her, and with that she shows that she is a witch, which makes Tessa angry. The fact is that I cannot imagine Niko’s reaction to discovering that his past had been changed so that she would never approach Mel.

Simple dramas were also exposed, with Maggie needing a scholarship. She then states that she is Latin and part black, which leaves her without knowing how to identify herself and with the feeling that she is stealing the quota of a group. I hope you will return to this subject later.

Charmed you need to focus on your plots and be a little more direct in what you want to present us. The series still seems pretty lost in its concepts and dramas.