Charmed | 1 × 15 – Switches & Stones

 Charmed |  1 × 15 - Switches & Stones

Charmed walks at a slow pace, but amuses us with the confusions that the sisters get involved with. The best thing is that we finally have something even bigger for them to worry about, since the status of the elders does not change, but one in particular has already been discarded …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Fiona turned against the Elders and especially Charity. Here we find out that there is something very rotten about Charity and that she killed Marisol … For me it was a good surprise, but it is evident that she was possessed in some way, and I do not doubt Alistair was involved in any way.

The fact is that Maggie and Mel, even with the problem of changing bodies, which served to show them how different and must be respected, now they know that the Sarcanas are not so bad and that Fiona wants good for everyone, and Jada you’re just following your leader.

Macy being analyzed by Priyanka and seeing that she can see through the eyes of demons due to empathy, it was very cool and it was what made her connect with Medusa and Charity.

The “demon of the week” was very interesting. Medusa had her story told and showed how women always pay for the duck, after all, she was abused by Poseidon and the same is that there was a demon attached to her. All Medusa wanted in this episode was to get her revenge done, and Macy connected with her.

Now I want to see how the Sarcanas will come together and especially what Charmed will do against Charity and what her involvement with the Elders may be, after all, as far as it all can go.