Charmed | 1 × 13 – Manic Pixie Nightmare

 Charmed |  1 × 13 - Manic Pixie Nightmare

AND Charmed it brought the little fairies in a demonic and murderous version, but the interesting thing is that it was within a very complicated context for the nice Chloe. But it is the evolution of Macy’s drama that continues to go well…

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The drama of Chloe, the fairy, was very interesting, because everything seems to fall for the fact that she is a devourer of men, who kill them, and little by little we see that she had her “heart”, a pendant that whoever owns it, “owns” it, caught by a scruffy guy who got people out of his way using the fairy. It was very intense to see the Encantadas return her heart and only then did she feel the weight of the death she caused…

Apart from this “plot of the week”, it was nice to see Macy and Galvin going to Mamma Roz to get in touch with his grandmother to find out how to get the demon out of her, and it was nice to see that his grandmother’s soul even realized that Macy is in great danger. The question is how Gavin will find that Chibiri, the surgeon who can separate Macy’s demon.

In the meantime she managed to help Dr. Julia to solve Park’s cell problems, but we still need to see more to understand how this will resolve. And with Park’s help they solve Chloe’s case and Maggie begins to give the boy another chance, who has been willing to change.

Mel has been getting more and more involved with the Sarcanas, even using mind manipulation spells, which makes her worried about Jada. When they are going to talk, the two are cornered by hooded men with weapons who can stop them.

Charmed it has enough to grow, but it needs to develop its characters more, and to reduce the space given the plots of the week to give more space to the witches and their intentions. Even Harry, who has a cool plot, has already been explored in an interesting way, but he also needs to be connected to him more.