Charmed | 1 × 10 – Keep Calm and Harry On

 Charmed |  1 × 10 - Keep Calm and Harry On

After Harry’s drama in Tartarus, behold Charmed brings some interesting questions to be developed throughout the season, and shows that. I liked the surprise return at the end of the episode…

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

I liked the way Charity doesn’t know if she follows the Elders or if she follows her heart to get Harry from Tartarus, which ends up leaving the Enchanted Girls with the Elders and breaking their respect for the entity. Harry, upon being released after experiencing his greatest nightmares, discovers that his son is alive.

I liked Dante being the guardian of Tartarus and how he was shown in the series. Macy, Mel and Maggie were able to put him against the wall, but Alastair knowing that his son is in Tartarus, decides to go and put everyone there too. The problem is that Maggie used a spell to take her feelings away and she was left without her full power, while together she ended up creating a new spell that scared Alastair.

Galvin reacting well to the fact that Macy and his sisters are witches was nice, as was making sure that his grandmother did a protective spell for him, and Macy confirms that. They then discover that they work for Julia, who has contact with Alastair, and she looking for a way to save Parker, ends up analyzing the DNA of the enchanted ones to do something for him.

Maggie will still suffer a lot for her feelings for Parker.

I don’t know what Niko is investigating, but she got to Mel right when she was kissing Jada.

Now is to see how Harbinger and Alastair are going to work things out, and Charmed it also changes things, placing Macy and Maggie as daughters of the same father, not Maggie and Mel.