Charmed | 1 × 09 – Jingle Hell

 Charmed |  1 × 09 - Jingle Hell

Charmed he ends his first half of the season by changing the status quo of several characters, mainly regarding the knowledge of the power of the Enchanted Ones, besides, of course, showing that the Sarcanas are not that bad.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Basically, the episode introduced Mel to the concept of union of the Sarcanas, with the right to the crows that protect them and a tattoo that unites them. The point is that the same crows were seen leaving their home after their mother’s death. Of course she would call A + B and tell Harry about it.

So we are surprised that the crows are protective and that they were with Marisol on the day of her death, but they were not strong enough to protect her. And Jade still appears full of mystery on Mel, hitting on the witch and seeing that they need help against what they are fighting.

Macy spent the episode trying to keep Galvin in his and we found out that the two have a link, but that they repel each other. We still had Mama Roz warning that the boy has strong protection and we see Parker being repelled by him.

Speaking of Parker, the boy got an arcane medallion that drains the witches’ power and then gave it to Maggie, who was delighted and at the same time irritated by Mel, since her sister says she is mistaken. The problem is that Maggie learns in the worst possible way that Parker deceives her, discovering that he is half demon, half human, and approached her with other intentions.

The end of the episode put Parker protecting his brother Hunter’s sisters and sending him to Tartarus with the stick stolen from the priest in Romania, only Hunter doesn’t go alone, he drags Harry with him. Now the witches are without their friend, Parker is weak and Galvin, who the girls thought was sleeping, ended up seeing everything that happened in the room.

Charmed you will only need in your 2nd half to show what you came for and improve the development of your characters, something that they have evolved quite well in the last episodes, but they need to do this without affecting the growth of the universe that surrounds them.