CCXP19 hosts the premiere of Playmobil – O Filme with the presence of director Lino DiSalvo

CCXP19 hosts the premiere of Playmobil - O Filme with the presence of director Lino DiSalvo

The list of international attractions CCXP19 it keeps growing. The biggest pop culture festival on the planet has just confirmed the animator, writer and film director Lino DiSalvo, who has a 17-year career in the studios Disney and it was headanimation Frozen, box office success and winner of the best animation award at the 2014 Oscar ceremony. The event, which takes place between December 5th and 8th, at Expo São Paulo, will also receive the preview of the director’s newest work, Playmobil – The Movie, with national distribution Paris Movies and sessions available in cinemas from December 12. The big circuit debut takes place every day December 19.

The exhibition takes place on Friday (December 6), from 10 am to 11:45 am, at Cinemark XD Auditorium – the largest cinema in Latin America, with 3,300 seats, cutting edge technology and very high resolution. Soon after, DiSalvo participates in a panel in which he will present unpublished materials and talk about the film and his career. Part of the studio team ON Animation since 2016, the director was in charge of developing the first feature film based on toys Playmobil of history. The plot mixes animation techniques with liveaction and stars the actors Anna Taylor-Joy (Fragmented, Glass, The Witch) and Jason Bateman (Juno, Hancock, Zootopia), among others.

To win over viewers of all ages, Lino DiSalvo will take advantage of the toy’s appeal to older people and his experience in previous productions that have been successful with minors, to embark with the public on this adventure hosted in different Playmobil worlds. “The idea of ​​Playmobil – The Movie was to take everything I learned working on Tangled and Frozen to create a funny and practical movie, which parents love for the feeling, children for the jokes, and takes everyone together for an exciting endingconcludes Lino DiSalvo.

In 2018, the festival received 262 thousand visitors, setting a record attendance and establishing itself once again as the largest pop culture festival in the world. CCXP is already part of the country’s cultural calendar and this year it will take place between December 5th and 8th, at São Paulo Expo. Learn more at