CCXP receives prominent artists in the national comic scene

CCXP receives prominent artists in the national comic scene

One of the areas most loved by visitors to CCXP, The Artists’ Alley will receive three women who are highlighted in the Brazilian comic scene. Germana Viana, Rebeca Prado and Ju Loyola they have been to other editions of the event, but appear for the first time on the official guest list of the largest pop culture festival on the planet. In the space, the artists will be able to sell their works, autograph their illustrations, talk to the public and inspire future generations. THE CCXP 2019 happens between December 5th and 8th, at the Sao Paulo Expo.

Germana Viana is one of the main voices of female authorial production in the country. Ahead of the project Menininha Comics, the cartoonist is the author of Lizzie Bordello and the Space Pirates 1 and 2 (Jambô Editora), The Empowered (trophy winner HQMIX in the Web Comics category), The summer of Papa-Angu and designer of POV – Point of View. Germana also participated in several collections, such as SPAM (Zarabatana Books), Comic Love (independent) and Marcatti 40 (Ugra Press). The artist will be at Artists’ Alley every day of the event, in addition to participating in panels and other activities that will be announced soon.

Another confirmed for the 6th edition of CCXP is Rebeca Prado. The artist is the author of the books Dragon Ship and Whale # 3, both launched by crowdfunding, and zines “Whale # 1, Whale # 2, Beef! and Creed (what a delight). His work has been published in several magazines as Dragon Brazil, Omelet Box and Strange world, both as comics and as illustration. He currently works as an effective screenwriter for Monica’s Gang and as an illustrator for the publishing market, in addition to touching other personal projects. The artist will be at Artists’ Alley every day and will participate in other activities at CCXP.

Comic artist and illustrator Ju Loyola does an important job of inclusion. She, who is hearing impaired, creates non-verbal stories, that is, without text. Among his publications are The Witch Who Loved (volumes 1 and 2), Lost in the Forest, The Imagination, Heart of the True Friend and Maria & Cia – Adventure of the Stars. Since 2015, the artist has participated in the international contest Silent Manga Audition Contest – SMAC (Japan) and has already achieved 5 placements: Award Candidate, Award Nominee, Honorable Mention and SMAC! Editors Award. In addition to participating every day in Artists’ Alley, the artist will also be on panels and other activities that will be released soon.

In 2018, the event received 262 thousand visitors, breaking public record and positioning itself once again with the largest pop culture festival in the world. CCXP is already part of the country’s cultural calendar and this year it will take place between December 5th and 8th, at São Paulo Expo. Learn more at