CCXP receives Leon Chiro cosplayer

CCXP receives Leon Chiro cosplayer

THE CCXP has just confirmed another international guest for its sixth edition, which takes place between December 5th and 8th, at the São Paulo Expo. The cosplayer Leon Chiro is known for perfectly embodying characters from the game, anime and cartoon worlds like Jin Kazama (Tekken), Trunks (Dragon Ball Z) and Dante (Series Devil May Cry), among others.

In the biggest pop culture festival on the planet, the Italian will participate in Photo & Autograph sessions, will be a judge in the final stage of the Cosplay Contest and will be able to be seen daily in the Cosplay Universe – an area dedicated exclusively to these artists, responsible for giving more life to the runners of the CCXP.

Leon Chiro is the first big name announced for the space, which in 2018 received guests as Irina Meier, Monica Somenzari and Mauricio Somenzari. Cosplay Universe was designed to offer more comfort to fans who want to play their favorite characters. The dressing room is equipped with a changing room, a makeup stand and luggage storage (with limited spaces). There you can still record every epic moment with a professional photographer, in a special studio for cosplayers.

Registration for the Cosplay Parade is also made at the Cosplay Universe. The activity takes place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the festival. In it, the artists present their clothes and performances to the judges, who daily choose the best cosplayer in three different categories: Best Costume Design, Best Inventiveness and Best Presentation.

Those who have not yet secured the entrance to CCXP19 have until July 31 to buy tickets at the prices of the second lot. The credentials for the four days of the festival, the Full Experience package and single tickets for Saturday are already exhausted. It is still possible to purchase the Epic Experience package – which offers entrance to the event 1h before the gates open (no preference for entrance to the auditoriums), access to Spoiler Night, a photo or an autograph with a guest artist from CCXP19, in addition to a kit with t-shirt, pin and poster and 10% discount in official CCXP stores at the event. Single credentials for Thursday, Friday and Sunday are also available for purchase. Unlock CCXP tickets – an event aimed at professionals in the entertainment market – are also already on sale at