CCXP launches its 6th edition official campaign

CCXP launches its 6th edition official campaign

Fans are already counting down to the CCXP19. But until the 6th edition of the festival arrives – which happens between December 5th and 8th, at São Paulo Expo – the public can check out the traditional campaign of the event. Entitled “The world of all worlds”, The 3-minute short film reinforces CCXP’s position as the place where all the worlds and subgenres of pop culture meet and coexist. The campaign was created by the in-house agency of Omelet Company, using the format of traditional 90’s trailers. However, instead of presenting a unique narrative, the film delivers a true fusion of stories, universes and references ranging from Necronomicon The Mission Impossible.

Creating a film especially for CCXP is a very rewarding challenge. We know that we have very demanding fans and we work to surprise and delight each campaign. In ‘The world of all worlds’, we had the idea to listen to our audience and provide them with this experience of participating in the film. Therefore, we launched a provocation in our networks for them to comment on what ‘The trailer for all trailers’ would be like. It was worth everything! Mix comics, movies, series, games and everything else that pop culture could offer. The engagement was surprising and some of the ideas submitted by fans were selected to enter the film“, account Roberto Fabri, Marketing Director of the Omelete Company, who also signs the film and the campaign as executive creative director.

In 2019, the CCXP campaign will unfold “The world of all worlds”In two films for open and closed TVs, in addition to OOH, prints and pieces on social networks. In addition to Roberto Fabri as executive creative director, the short was directed by Pedro Giomi. “The CCXP19 campaign brings not only a trace of aesthetic distinction, but a disruptive narrative that transitions between the aesthetics of trailers and mini-films with one foot in the commercial. I’m a fan of challenges, but I confess that this took me out of sleep“, account. The creation direction was signed by Claudio Villa and the creation of Claudio Villa, Elton Reale, Guilherme Marques and Rafael Barreiros.

The festival’s short history began in 2017, when CCXP presented the film “Round 2 ”. The campaign won the bronze trophy at the 21st edition of the EL Ojo de Iberoamérica festival by presenting the geek battle between two characters, with 60 references from pop culture ranging from the 1980s to the present day. Last year, CCXP surprised fans and the advertising market with the dystopian narrative “A GeekPunk story”.

In 2018, the festival received 262 thousand visitors, setting a record attendance and establishing itself once again as the largest pop culture festival in the world. THE CCXP it is already part of the country’s cultural calendar and this year it will take place between December 5th and 8th, at São Paulo Expo. Learn more at