CCXP announces actor and fighter Jason David Frank

CCXP announces actor and fighter Jason David Frank

THE CCXP has just announced another international attraction for its sixth edition – which takes place between December 5th and 8th, at the São Paulo Expo. The eternal Green Ranger, Jason David Frank, will be present in the four days of the festival, in Photo & Autograph sessions and other activities that will be announced soon.

The actor made his first appearance in power Rangers in the first year of the series, in 1993, and joined the fixed cast for five seasons – with special appearances in another three. In addition to leading the team in the two films released in the 90s, Frank also made an appearance on reboot launched in 2017 and has already worn other colors of the famous uniform, such as red, white and black.

It is not just on camera that Jason David Frank stands out. Black belt in karate and purple in jiu-jitsu, his skill with martial arts helped him integrate the cast in the series. Currently, he has devoted himself to his newest project with former castmates, Yoshi Sudarso, Jason Faunt and the Ciara Hanna – who were at CCXP in 2018.

To raise funds for recording the feature The Legend of the White Dragon, the artist launched a crowdfunding campaign. In the story, a city is decimated after a battle that leads to the fall of heroes. Guilty, they are hunted and lose their titles until evil begins to return and the heroes rise from the ashes with the power of the White Dragon.

Those who have not yet secured the entrance to CCXP19 have until July 31 to buy tickets at the prices of the second lot. The credentials for the four days of the festival, the Full Experience package and single tickets for Saturday are already exhausted. It is still possible to purchase the Epic Experience package – which offers entrance 1h before the opening of the gates (with no preference for entrance to the auditoriums) every day of the festival, access to Spoiler Night, a photo or an autograph with a guest artist from CCXP19, in addition to a kit with t-shirt, pin and poster and a 10% discount in official CCXP stores at the event. Single credentials for Thursday, Friday and Sunday are also available for purchase. Unlock CCXP tickets – an event aimed at professionals in the entertainment market – are also already on sale at