CCXP 2019 | Warner Bros panel announces 2020 releases and confirms Invocation of Evil 3 title!

 CCXP 2019 |  Warner Bros panel announces 2020 releases and confirms Invocation of Evil 3 title!

Tonight (8) we had the panel of Warner Bros with studio releases for 2020.

The highlights were for the feature film Tenet from the principal Christopher Nolan, the long In the Heights, in Lin-Manuel Miranda, and yet the third chapter of the horror franchise, The Invocation of Evil.

The panel started with the presentation of the animations that start with Scooby The Movie that will show the beginning of the friendship between Scooby and Sausage.

The highlight was the presence of Scooby in person (would it be dog?) along with voice actor Alexandre Drummond, grandson of Orlando Drummond. The giant plush and the voice actor spoke some striking phrases of the character.

The trailer that had already been revealed online was shown on the auditorium screen.

In terms of animation, Warner Bros also confirmed that the hybrids of live-action with animation, the films Tom and Jerry and Space Jam 2 hit theaters in 2020 and 2021 respectively. Already DC Super Pets, hits theaters in 2022.

Then the presentation showed an unprecedented video of the production of the feature In the Heights, which received the title in Brazil of In a New York neighborhood.

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The feature is directed by Jon M. Chu, in Rotten Rich, and is inspired by Broadway’s smash hit over a Latin community in New York’s warm and colorful Washington Heights neighborhood.

In the cast we have the actors Lin-Manuel Miranda, Dascha Polanco from the series Orange Is The New Black, Stephanie Beatriz in Brooklyn 99 and Jimmy Smits.

But one of the panel’s highlights was the studio’s Horror Universe.

In the panel we discover that the third chapter of the franchise The Invocation of Evil that received the national title of Invocation of Evil 3: The Demon Order.


The first scenes were shown. In the film we will follow the Warrens couple and one of their most famous cases of demon possession: Bruno Sauls.

Sauls was killed with more than 20 stab wounds, and his killer declared in court to be innocent, and to be under the possession of a demon. Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) are called in to help with the investigations.

In the unpublished trailer, which was not made available online, we still see the couple entering the defendant’s house, which has torn walls as if it were nails and everything destroyed and messy. One of the most frightening scenes is at the end, when they are in the morgue investigating the case, and a body rises and grabs Lorraine’s hand.

The film had its premiere date set for September 10, 2020.

Following we had the first teaser of Tenet from the principal Christopher Nolan. The video focuses on the character of John David Washington where he watches a broken window with a gunshot. The letters show on screen “The time has come for a new protagonist”.

The camera follows the character walking around the room where he stops again at a shooting mark. According to information, the film must be an epic action film that must involve international espionage, evolution, and time travel.

The film arrives in July 2020.

In the cast we have Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kenneth Branagh, Andrew Howard, and Michael Caine.

Soon after it was the turn of DC superhero films, where the highlights were for Birds of prey, The Batman, is the new Suicide squad.

The public can see the second trailer for Birds of prey which was shown on the film panel on Thursday.

But the news stayed with The Batman, where we had a video message from director Matt Reeves commenting that the recording of the film will start soon and that he intends to visit Brazil in 2020 to publicize the film that arrives in 2021 in theaters.

Already about Suicide squad, by James Gun, the director in person and the actress Alice Braga sent a message to the fans straight from the set of recordings. The feature arrives in August 2021 in theaters.