CCXP 2019 | Warner Bros makes a fantastic panel of Birds of Prey and features 5 minutes of the feature!

 CCXP 2019 |  Warner Bros makes a fantastic panel of Birds of Prey and features 5 minutes of the feature!

THE Warner Bros started gave the start on the panels on Thursday night at CCXP 2019, and I couldn’t start the event in the best possible way.

With the entire cast of Birds of prey, the studio made a panel fantastic so to speak.

Together with the cast that spent good minutes feeling the presence and warmth of Brazilian fans, Warner Bros made a panel that should be remembered.

Together with the director Cathy Yanwe had Margot Robbie, Elizabeth Wintead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Ella Jay Basco and Rosie Perez on stage to talk about their characters in the feature Harlequin, Black Canary, Huntress, Cassandra Cain and Renne Montoya, respectively.

The actresses have already taken the heated cinemark auditorium, Warner took cosplayers Harlequin on stage. The “host” of the heater was seen at the fair and never left the character.

But the panel was very interesting due to the fact that Margot Robbie, even assuming a certain leadership position, it gave space for colleagues (and their less-known characters) to shine and interact with the public.

For example, Rosie Perez who plays the detective Renee Montoya (and that he doesn’t have super powers!) “Renee is very smart. In fact, she is smarter than many of her male colleagues. She’s very bad-ass, and she doesn’t take shit home ”.

Jurnee Smollett-Bell who interprets the Black Canary told a little about the origins of his version for the character, which had a lot of action scenes (seen in the second trailer that was not released online) and exhibited its superpower: a super sonic cry. So it looks like the character will actually be a meta-human in the film.

It was clear that the Black Canary will work at the character’s club Ewan McGregor, the villain Black mask, who appears with his mask in the second trailer for the first time.

Speaking of trailers and scenes, Warner Bros. showed five minutes of the film, which they commented was the opening scene. It may be a short time in terms of duration, but it explained a lot where Birds of prey is located in the chronology presented here in the DC films.

Check out the description:

The film begins with the Harlequin being thrown out of the Joker’s house. She finds a new place just for her, and as we see the character telling about the end of the relationship, we see several scenes that show the character filling his face, eating junk food, watching TV and trying to overcome the breakup of abusive relationship.

According to the character she gets a new love and we are introduced to a hilarious scene in which the character meets her hyenas. The scenes show a Gotham City colorful, full of lights, with a very interesting and different look from what we saw in Suicide squad. We see Harlequin trying new friendships, where she finds work as a waitress, but suffers from other women’s gossip about the end of their relationship.

The sequence continues with her drunk walking around Gotham, she has an idea of ​​finally getting over the breakup with the Joker. Harlequin decides to blow up Ace Chemistry, steals a truck, and advances into the building. The sequence uses scenes from flashbacks when the Joker threw it in the tank. Jared Leto does not appear in that part.

In the end, the building explodes and Harlequin says that she is not the only woman in Gotham attempting an emancipation. The teaser ends and shows scenes from the other characters.

Margot Robbie stated that he accepted to do the project because “I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the character ”

Already director Cathy Yan stated that the feature film is a “Inspirational story” is that “Is grateful to have been part of the project.”

None of the scenes shown were released online. Sought to Warner Bros said that the material was special from CCXP.

The film’s marketing campaign continues, and the film won a string of individual posters.


Birds of Prey – Harlequin and its Fabulous Emancipation in Brazil, and is scheduled to debut in February 2020.