CCXP 2019 | “Steve Trevor’s return is central to the story,” says Patty Jenkins on a Wonder Woman 1984 panel!

 CCXP 2019 |  “Steve Trevor's return is central to the story,” says Patty Jenkins on a Wonder Woman 1984 panel!

THE Warner Bros closed the CCXP 19 tonight (8) at the Cinemark auditorium.

And it was not for less, the studio took perhaps its biggest launch for 2020 in an exclusive panel of Wonder Woman 1984 with the actress Gal Gadot and the director Patty Jenkins.

The duo had already participated in the press conference that yielded a lot of information about the feature, but on the panel (which was broadcast on Twitter globally) we learned a few more things about the feature that arrives in June 2020 in theaters.

Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins amaze journalists at a Wonder Woman 1984 press conference

Perhaps the question that everyone who wants to know is “How can Steve Trevor be alive in Wonder Woman 1984? ” Jenkins up on the stage commented “I promise to all of you that he is indispensable for the story. I can’t wait for you to see what we’ve done ”.

The actor appeared on the screens scattered around the auditorium stamping an individual colored poster.


Another character that finally gave faces was Barbara Minerva, played by the actress Kristen Wiig. In the film, the character seems to start the plot as a friend and confidante of Diana, but throughout, she will become the comic book villain called the Leopard Woman.

Jenkins commented on the lineup “We were very fans of her and we love how funny Kristen is … I am an admirer of her work”.

The full look of the Leopard Woman was not disclosed, but Wiig also won his individual poster at the event.


About the great villain of the feature played by Pedro Pascal, the businessman Maxwell Lord. As little as we can see the character is a salesman of commercial info with an appearance half Silvio Santos half Donald Trump who promises to do everything for his clients to succeed. Did Lord own the first blow to the pyramid?

But Jenkins and Gadot were just compliments for their colleague.

Pedro is an incredible person to work with. ” stated the actress.

Pascal won his first poster at the event as well.


But the most anticipated moment for fans was to see the first trailer of the film. The version we saw had 3 minutes, and the version released online 2 minutes and a few seconds less.

Check and below what changed from one video to another:

Basically in the version of CCXP, we see more of the relationship between Diana and Minerva and the scene of the fight in the White House between Lord’s security guards with Diana.

Watch the full panel here:

The film is based on the DC character created by William Moulton Marston. The script for the feature is signed by Jenkins, along with Geoff Johns and Dave Callahem.

Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled to debut June 4, 2020.