CCXP 2019 | Sato and Toey Co. update on Jaspion – The Movie

 CCXP 2019 |  Sato and Toey Co. update on Jaspion - The Movie

And on a panel in the Ultra Auditorium of CCXP 2019, a Sato Company and the Toei Company updated on the development process of the Brazilian Jaspion project.

On stage were Yusei Nagamatsu (Toei), Nelson Sato (Sato) and Rodrigo Bernardo, director chosen for Jaspion – The Movie, and mediating the chat Marcelo del Greco.

One of Yusei’s speeches is about how Toei is excited about the project and feels that Brazilian fans are warm. His continuation in theaters, as well as the production of the new manga, makes them hope that it really is a renaissance for the character.

Sato is always grateful for the way Jaspion changed his life and when they talk about the film, he and Rodrigo, make it clear that nothing will be done in a hurry, because it is necessary to do something with affection for the fans, but mainly, with respect for the work .

And this respect is what makes Rodrigo claim that bringing Jaspion to 2020 and still putting him in São Paulo, is something that is being considered a lot, mainly because of the weight in moving in his story, so much so that when he wrote “Daileon” for the first time in the script, he had to stop and realize what he was doing.

As for the release, there is still no specific date, mainly due to the planning of special effects and the choreography of fights and stuntmen.

Also in the event is the original costume of the series, exposed in the cosplay area.


As for the manga, a video with the theme “Pray ga Seigi da! Juspion”And confirmed that the Publisher JBC with script Fábio Yabu and art of Michel Borges, will be launched in the 1st quarter of 2020.