CCXP 2019 | Paramount Pictures takes Sonic universe to an event

 CCXP 2019 |  Paramount Pictures takes Sonic universe to an event

THE Paramount Pictures prepares for CCXP this year a unique experience for fans of Sonic, one of the most beloved characters in the gaming world and making his big screen debut in February 13, 2020 as one of the most anticipated films of the year.

In an all-themed space of Sonic – The Movie, with LED decoration, visitors to the stand will immerse themselves in the character’s universe and a special guest will be present to ensure that the Sonic experience is complete. Everyone who passes by will be challenged to find out who comes closest to having the blue hedgehog’s superpowers, besides of course, being able to stay close to him!

The King of Armored meets the King of Games at Sonic’s Barber Shop

Who doesn’t want to have Sonic’s hair? For that, Paramount Pictures will bring to CCXP a super special guest: Ariel, the King of Armored, which will make cuts and personalization in the visitors’ hair to have a radical look just like the character.

Ariel gained fame as a barber by creating hairstyles with an innovative design, which by using a lot of hair spray, does not “fall” for anything. Hence the name “armored” as its brand name. His career began in a salon in Vila Brasilândia, in São Paulo, and today, at just 25 years old, he has more than 425 thousand followers on social networks, taking the very popular style in São Paulo’s peripheries to other regions and varied public.

Those interested in slapping the look can schedule their hairstyle at the booth – with limited spaces!

Check out other Sonic activities at the Paramount Pictures booth at CCXP

Sonic Circuit

Sonic manages to easily dodge various objects on his way even at high speed. Whoever has the same skill and can pass the obstacle course and find the winning ball inside a pool of balls, takes the prize.

Run with Sonic

A competition to see who can run like Sonic. While the race is on, Sonic will be right next to the treadmill, inspiring the participants.

Hoops Challenge

Here whoever dominates the giant rings as Sonic does, will win. On a stage located in the center of the stand, there will be disputes with hula hoops.

Sonic Augmented Reality

That selfie with Sonic, who doesn’t want to, right ?! A giant ring of almost 3 meters in diameter will bring the magic of teleportation to CCXP! Visitors will be able to prepare that pose next to the ring, aim the phone to see Sonic leave the portal and appear next to him for a photo.

Artists Wall

On a wall of the stand we will have an art exhibition by several artists who made their version of the movie poster. There are 17 artists from all over the world, including Brazilians: Hiro Kawahara, Jairo Dutra, Joao Souza, Eduardo Vieira and Walber Santos. A limited edition of the posters will be distributed at the stand.

Paramount Pictures brings Sonic – The Movie in day February 13, 2020.