CCXP 2019 enters the official calendar of 80 years of Batman and announces theme of credentials

CCXP 2019 enters the official calendar of 80 years of Batman and announces theme of credentials

It’s been 80 years since Bruce Wayne first appeared in Detective Comics # 27, as a symbol of bravery, determination and justice. To celebrate the milestone, DC Comics prepared a whole year of celebrations around the world, with special hashtags (#Batman80 and #LongLiveTheBat), partnerships with major brands to sell licensed products, participation in events and marathons on TV channels. And who just joined this official calendar is the CCXP19, which happens between December 5th and 8th, at the São Paulo Expo. The announcement of the Batman as the theme of the credentials, carried out in partnership with Telecine, sponsor of the event, is the first commemorative action announced by the festival.

Over the past 80 years, the character’s traits have changed and his uniform has taken on new contours. Therefore, each of the seven types of credentials will honor a different phase of Batman. The reinterpretations of the classic arts of the Batman are signed by Rodrigo Bastos Didier, an illustrator invited exclusively to elaborate the credentials. On the CCXP, fans will have an exclusive area with the history of each of the illustrations, in addition to all the details that are disclosed about the Batman’s birthday celebration schedule. Just access

About credentials

EPIC EXPERIENCE – 1939/40, Classic: Batman appears in 1939 inspired by the pulp series and Superman’s resounding success. The creation of Bob Kane and Bill Finger gained an adventure companion the following year, when Robin was introduced in Detective Comics # 38. The image portrays the character in one of his first journeys in the fight against crime, in detective and dark stories like the personality of the Batman of that time.

FULL EXPERIENCE – 1966 (TV) Adam West: The call “Golden Age”Of comics in the USA ended with a real witch hunt: the book“The Seduction of the Innocent”, By the German psychiatrist Fredric Wertham, published in 1954, accused the comics of leading to juvenile delinquency and even the Dynamic Double was the target of accusations. The result was a major change in the world of comics and a return to lighter stories, a hallmark of the Silver Age of comics. It was in this context that the Batman series won TVs around the world with many colors, onomatopoeia and camp humor, starting the first wave of Batmania. It is one of the versions of the character most remembered by the public until today.

4 DAYS – 1970, Neal Adams: In the early 1970s, Neal Adams and the screenwriter Dennis O’Neil, under the command of the editor Julius Schwartz, took over Batman magazine, which returned to having more urban, dramatic and realistic stories, including new characters, such as Ra’s Al Ghul. It was the return of Batman detective, who in Adams’ drawing became more athletic and dynamic, serving as a visual reference for the character over many decades.

FIFTH – 1986, Frank Miller: The dark Knight it is a landmark of pop culture. Launched in the USA in 1986, it managed at the same time to renew the Batman, then a character with almost 50 years of existence, to attract a new reading public to the comics and contribute to the comics being seen as reading also for adults and as a way of art. Frank Miller’s masterpiece is still one of the greatest influences both inside and outside of comics.

FRIDAY – 1992 (TV), Animated Series: At the premiere of the huge success of the 1989 film, which gave Batmania a new lease of life in the world, Batman: The Animated Series arrived on TVs in 1992 and quickly became one of the most faithful depictions of the character outside of comics. Produced by Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett and Eric Radomski, with roadmaps Paul Dini, the animation establishes Batman in an art deco Gotham City, with complex stories and sophisticated visuals, which influenced a good part of the animations that came in the following years. It was in this TV series that one of the fan’s favorite characters, the Harlequin, emerged.

SATURDAY – 2008 (Cinema), The dark Knight: Why so serious? The second chapter of the trilogy of Christopher Nolan is constantly featured on the lists of the best American films of all time. The film was also marked by the masterful interpretation of Heath Ledger in the role of the Joker, work awarded a posthumous Oscar for Supporting Actor.

SUNDAY – 2000 (Today), Jim Lee: Since the comic book saga “Silêncio”, from 2002, the drawing of Jim Lee for the Man-Bat it represents the modern interpretation of the character, found both in comics and in an infinity of products.