CCXP 2019 | Amazon announces its news in panel with SPOILER alerts

 CCXP 2019 |  Amazon announces its news in panel with SPOILER alerts

During your panel on CCXP 2019 The Amazon Prime Video announced the news that will arrive in 2020 to the streaming service, but even with the presence of the actors of its main productions, the panel in general was limited to “we cannot comment to not give SPOILER”.

Loose in Floripa

Érico Borgo opened the panel announcing the arrival of Amazon Original nationals and took the stage Pabllo Vittar and John Drops to talk about the reality show Soltos em Floripa.

The two talked about how the participants will not be confined, but that we will follow the daily lives of these people going shopping, parties and even working to get money.

Pabllo also summed up the parties and participants of Soltos em Floripa as “whoring in a different way”. What will give a different tone to reality are comments from celebrities who watched before and they were added.

All or Nothing: Brazilian Team

Soon after the reality show, it was the turn of a kind of documentary where the Brazilian soccer team was accompanied during the Copa America finals.

The series arrives in 2020.


And the end of the national part of Amazon Original was with Sun, in Breno Silveira, who will portray the life of an intelligence agent who fights drugs and ends up seeing his own son joining the drug trade.

During the panel, it was highlighted how Silveira likes this art of storytelling and going beyond the main dramas, as well as in Two Children of Francisco, that we know more about the father of Zezé di Camargo & Luciano.

It was also reinforced that there is a concern to tell the stories of Sun, because it is based on real facts.

The series continues in production, recordings will still take place in early 2020, which should play production towards the end of next year.

The Expanse

With the national originals finished, it is time to The Expanse, series canceled in its 3rd season, but that Amazon Prime Video brought to its catalog and transformed the 4th season into an Amazon Original.

Taking the stage Steven Strait, Dominique Tipper, Frankie Adams and Cas Anvar, they all seem accomplished with Brazilian cordiality, but Tipper is hilarious and steals attention on stage with a sensational charisma.

When asked how they felt about Amazon renewing the series, everyone always emphasizes that the fans renewed the series. And about going to a streaming service and leaving ordinary television, they make it clear that it is best to be able to talk about whatever they want, giving more artistic freedom to the actors, but mainly to the writers.

Strait also points out that reaching the 4th season and reaching a point of adapting the work of James SA Corey which is a turning point in the series, is very good, because it opens new horizons.

Regarding the grandiosity of the series, Strait and Tipper point out that the sets are immense and that the entire ship is built, where you can go from an entire scene from the arsenal to the take-off deck, which helps the actors to immerse the project.

The new season arrives on December 13th.

Star Trek: Picard

To open the panel, Érico Borgo released a video of Sir Patrick Stewart thanking Brazilian fans for their affection, thanking them for their interest in the series and asking everyone to be friendly to their friends.

So they took the stage Santiago Cabrera, Michelle Hurd, Isa Briones and Jonathan del Arco, this one that returns the series like the borg Hugh. Everyone always emphasizing the affection that trekkers have for them for all the events that pass and as even though they still don’t know the series, there is hope over them.

Borgo always points out that Star Trek it’s about that, about hope, and everyone agrees.

Their main argument is how pleasurable working with Stewart is, how he gives himself to them all, and teaches things, like the reactions in the ship’s seats. Hurd then explains the level of each reaction to the bumps, but that there is a hydraulic system that helps them in this regard.

Even talking about Star Trek: The Next Generation they also cut the spoilers of what’s to come.

The series arrives on January 25th.

The Boys

And finally, in the last part of the panel, they took the stage Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Jessie T. Usher and Karen Fukuhara to comment on their work in The Boys, even though they couldn’t talk about production in the new year either.

They always stressed that there will be new characters and a lot more blood …

Another point is the way all 4 were happy with the audience’s reactions to their presence there and also with the teaser that was released.

Arrives in 2020.