CCXP 2019 | 4 attractions that are worth the queue this year!

 CCXP 2019 |  4 attractions that are worth the queue this year!

Who attends the CCXP knows that we usually have long lines at the stands for some attractions.

So, we ArrobaNerd we separated 4 attractions and activations that are worth queuing for this year’s edition.

Bar of Birds of prey

ImagePhoto: Warner Bros Pictures

Where: Warner Bros

What it has: The space recreates a bar with the vibrant colors of the film, and has several Instagrammable corners with the logo of the film stylized with neon lamps, the Harlequin motorcycle, and even the classic sofa with the hyena.

Carousel American Gods

Photo: Juba_Kun (Giuliano Peccilli)

Where: Amazon Prime Video booth

What it has: A large carousel with the characters of the series. Worth the ride!

Virtual reality of Wonder Woman

Image result for wonder woman 1984Photo: Warner Bros Pictures

Where: Havaianas stand

What’s on: The Havaianas booth comes with the launch of the collection based on the film Wonder Woman 1984. The action is a virtual reality space where the public can use the loop of truth to “tie” the Hawaiians. Whoever does it in less time enters the Hall of Fame and can win prizes.

Hunting Polka Dots Sonic


Where: Paramount Pictures

What it has: The public needs to skip Sonic’s rings to fall into a ball pool. The game consists of finding, in the middle of white balls, blue balls, that in less than 50 seconds. It’s difficult, but pretty cool.


The Escape Room / Labyrinth Black Widow at the Marvel Studios booth.

Tell us your favorite activation at CCXP 2019.