Castlevania | Season 3 review

 Castlevania |  Season 3 review

With a slow dynamic, long scenes and intense dialogues, Castlevania returned for its 3rd season setting the stage for a huge war to come. Adi Shankar he knew how to use the 10 episodes to deliver great action scenes, but also a development for all the characters on the scene.

Castlevania shows us that Alucard maintained its isolation guarding the knowledge of the castle of Dracula, but also protecting all the knowledge of the Belmont clan, but that loneliness made him create dolls of Trevor and Sypha, with whom he dialogues. The other two, on the other hand, continue to search for adventures and face monsters to receive shelter and food, until they arrive in Lindenfeld and meet strange men like Saint Germant, The Judge and Prior Sala

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

This season the series is divided into 4 major fronts that promise to converge into an epic battle next season, and Shankar already gives us even more bloodthirsty battles than in previous seasons, and also a stronger sexual link between some characters.

In the castle we have Alucard receiving Sumi and Takka, two Japanese who look for a way to defeat the clan of Cho, at least the survivors, as it was destroyed in their war against Dracula. We see how she tortured humans and kept them all attentive to their whims and desire for blood and struggle. But soon they who are suspicious of vampires, in a night of sex giving “gifts” to Alucard, betrays him, forcing him to isolate himself even more.

Going to Styria, Austria, leaving Africa, Isaac he finds important people in his path, people who open his eyes to how humanity can still be saved, while facing humans who just want to destroy him, which forces him to increase his army and go after revenge against Hector, who has Carmilla. One of the best dialogues of the season was for Isaac and the Captain as they cross the sea.

Only Hector is not doing as well as he imagines, since Carmilla has plans for him to create an army of creatures of the night for her, but for that he leaves with his sister Lenore so that she can do the proper diplomacy with him. I really enjoyed meeting the vampire sisters, who gave depth to the Carmilla clan and showed that they are all important in their areas, such as Live in, Striga, Lenore and Carmilla herself, the one who creates the schemes and plans the future, while the others execute.

Lenore looks delicate, but she has strength and tactical knowledge, so much so that she manages to win over Hector and when she has him in her hands, she puts a loyalty spell on him, making his army vampire. The plan is to create a 1,300km empire between Styria and Braila governed by the Council of Sisters.

But everyone’s plans can be overturned …

Trevor and Sypha end up joining Saint German and Judge to understand what happens in the priory, since since a monster was captured by them, things inside have changed a lot. With the invasions of Saint German they discover that Sala intends to do something, especially since everyone inside is being controlled by the monster.

Judge does not initially believe, but ends up realizing by the presence of a Speaker and a Belmont, that something is wrong. It is then that they discover the symbols of hell scattered throughout the city, as well as other symbols of alchemy. Initially German is intrigued and even tried to understand more, but soon finds a book by an old man who has the gift of forging and worries about missing pages.

The development of all this is a sensational battle between the monks of the priory, the soldiers of the Judge, Trevor, Sypha and Saint German. The trio tries at all costs to stop the monster and close a portal that has been opened, and inside it we have Dracula and Liza. It seems that the plan is to bring him back, even more that we discover that that creature of the night has as its master Isaac, a man loyal to Dracula.

And in the end we have it, Carmilla and her sisters creating a plan of dominance, Isaac and his creatures wanting revenge against them and Hector, Alucard once again isolating himself from humanity, while Saint German goes to hell trying to avoid the worst, and Trevor and Sypha knows that the worst is yet to come and the adventure is over, as war comes.

Castlevania once again delivers what was promised, even as I said initially, with endless dialogues and a power game that is being built, but this is just another charm of the animation, which still brings a lot of blood, unbridled action and interesting characters.

Castlevania has its 3 seasons available on Netflix and you can check out our review of season 1 and season 2.