Cartoon Network Launches The Phantom Fable, Steven Universe’s New Mobile Game

Cartoon Network Launches The Phantom Fable, Steven Universe's New Mobile Game

The animation series Steven Universe, from Cartoon Network, wins a new mobile game: The Phantom Fable. The action and adventure game will be available for systems iOS and Android from tomorrow (18) in the app stores of the devices that use this system.

The game’s focus is mainly on exploring scenarios, solving puzzles and interacting with the stories of Steven, Connie and the Gems, while they have to defeat enemies, overcome the dangers of ancient temples and discover the truth behind a mysterious book.

On The Phantom Fable

Steven and Connie are training on the beach, while Leão sleeps nearby. Steven “thinks” out loud: “I wanted so much to know more about the Gems…” Suddenly, Leo wakes up and “spits out” a book, which falls to the floor and begins to float, agitated. When he takes the book to the Crystal Gems, he leaves his hand and begins to blow pages towards the Gems, which disappear. A violent gust of wind then spreads the pages across Beach City.

Main Features

Real-time combatPuzzle solvingUnique, hand-drawn and scribbled stylePlay like Steven, Connie, Garnet, Amethyst or Pearl10 (non-playable) characters are in the game5 enemies4 bosses2 unique skills per playable character10 unique areas

The Phantom Fable arrives at the App Store and Play Store tomorrow, April 18th.

The first full season of Steven Universe will be available on CN Já !, a platform with content on demand from cartoon Network, from April 23, until the end of June. The platform is exclusive for customers of the telephone operators Nextel, Copel (Companhia Paranaense de Energia), Vivo Banda Larga, Tim and Tim Live. You can access CN Now! via desktop, tablets or smartphones through the application available for Android and IOS.