Cartoon Network anticipates the first episode of Vilanesco, the Series for fans

Cartoon Network anticipates the first episode of Vilanesco, the Series for fans

The Black Hat Organization – the most evil consultancy the world has ever known – won over fans of cartoon Network with his adventures and misadventures in the shorts of Vilanesco. Soon, fans will like it too Vilanesco, the Series! But for those who are anxious, Cartoon Network has prepared a special surprise: it will present the first episode of the series even before its premiere. The chapter will air tomorrow, June 1st, at 8 pm, simultaneously on TV and YouTube, as a way of thanking the animation fans.

Besides that, Alan Ituriel, creator of Vilanesco, will respond to YouTube comments live during the premiere. Prepare the popcorn because there’s more: from 7pm on Saturday, you can enjoy a special one-hour marathon with short films Vilanesco on TV.

After more than 25 animated shorts on the different Cartoon Network platforms, 13 comic strips on the internet, countless fan creations through fan art and cosplay, and over 41 million views on the Cartoon Network Latin America YouTube channels, Black Hat , Dr. Flug, Dementia and 5.0.5 will take their wickedness to many other fans at the premiere of Vilanesco, the Series, which will arrive at Cartoon Network in 2019.

The series will feature a first phase of 6 episodes of 11 minutes each, with new Hat-bots to help with any bad plan, plus many surprises – courtesy of the organization specializing in evil machines – extermination of heroes, terrifying creatures and any other thing that a modern villain might need.

Today, two years after the debut of the shorts, Cartoon Network’s first original production bet in Mexico becomes a serial story, thanks to the talent of Alan and his team, the love of fans and the dedication of the Cartoon Network America team. Latina“, Comments Jaime Jiménez Rión, senior content manager at Mexico Turner. “Vilanesco, the Series represents a great achievement for animation throughout Latin America. It’s a show made by and for the fans, so we hope they continue to feel part of the Black Hat Organization“, He added.

The series is a 100% Mexican project by the director, animator and creator Alan Ituriel, who arrived in 2017 at the number 1 children’s channel in Latin America, as part of his mission to foster local talent. Vilanesco has become an international phenomenon and is one of the favorite shows for Cartoon Network fans. “I’m really excited to finally share this episode with everyone even before the official premiere“, Ituriel comments. “It is a special gift from Mr. Black Hat to everyone who has been part of this villainous organization since 2017“.

Vilanesco narrates the adventures of Black Hat, an elegant and well-dressed inhuman, whose mission is to make the world a worse place, accompanied by the brilliant and shy scientist Dr. Flug, responsible for creating the organization’s evil products, weapons and devices; Dementia, a specialist in creating chaos and destruction and 5.0.5, a lovable and neurotic creature who was a failed genetic experiment.

Vilanesco arrives at Cartoon Network tomorrow at 8 pm, on TV and on YouTube.