Cartoon Network and Spcine take Brother do Jorel special to public cinemas on April 14 in free sessions

Cartoon Network and Spcine take Brother do Jorel special to public cinemas on April 14 in free sessions

THE cartoon Network and the Spcine will present Irmão do Jorel – Amazing Special Edition at the Spcine Circuit, a network of public movie theaters in the city of São Paulo that are mainly present in neighborhoods not served by commercial exhibitors. The partnership will display the drawing special in free sessions next Sunday, April 14.

The story of the friendship between Lara and Irmão do Jorel, mixing existing and unpublished content made in a single plot, will be shown in 16 rooms of the Spcine Circuit: 14 CEUs, Centro de Formação Cultural Cidade Tiradentes and Biblioteca Roberto Santos (see the complete list below) ). Tickets are always delivered one hour before the start of the sessions and the distribution is made on a first come, first served basis. CEU Caminho do Mar, in Jabaquara, will receive the character Irmão do Jorel to interact with the children, in addition to Melissa Garcia, original voice of Vovó Juju, Lara and Ana Catarina, for a special chat.

The partnership continues the actions of the Mind-blowing month of Brother Jorel, Cartoon Network’s multiplatform initiative that aims to boost local productions across Latin America. “Irmão do Jorel is a series that was born from a pitching open to independent producers. We strongly believe in the potential of audiovisual in Brazil, seeking independent creators and giving them the same conditions as big producers when exposing their ideas“, Comments Adriana Alcântara, senior director of content and national production for Cartoon Network.

According to the executive, the focus on local production is in the DNA of the channel even before any regulatory obligation of national content within the programming. “We invest in national productions to offer a personification in the offer and the local flavor for the fans, giving visibility to incredible national talents like Juliano Enrico“, He points out. “The partnership with Spcine came to give access to the largest number of people who will be able to identify themselves and be proud to see a Brazilian production making a great success on TV and in cinema“, He adds.

For Laís Bodanzky, filmmaker and CEO of Spcine, bringing successful Brazilian animation to public cinemas reinforces the objective of the project, which more than 1.2 million viewers have already passed. “The Spcine Circuit is a policy to democratize access to the cinema experience and stimulate the formation of audiences for national production. In the rooms, children’s content is always the most sought after. Therefore, we are very happy with the partnership that will allow taking the most charismatic character on TV to the audience of the Spcine Circuit“, Celebrates.

On television since 2014, the Brazilian animation Irmão do Jorel was created by Juliano Enrico and already has three seasons co-produced by Cartoon Network and the Copa Studios.


Irmão do Jorel – Amazing Special Edition at the Spcine Circuit
Where: Rooms Spcine Cidade Tiradentes and Roberto Santos, CEU Aricanduva, CEU Butantã, CEU Caminho do Mar, CEU Feitiço da Vila, CEU Jaçanã, CEU Jambeiro, CEU Boys, CEU Veredas, CEU Paz, CEU Perus, CEU Quinta do Sol, CEU São Rafael , CEU Três Lagos, CEU Vila Atlântica and CEU Vila do Sol
When: April 14
– In CEUs, at 14h.
– In Spcine Cidade Tiradentes and Spcine Roberto Santos rooms at 3pm
Admission: Free Admission