Carol’s Second Act | 1 × 04-05 – Marathon Day / The Nightfloat

 Carol's Second Act |  1 × 04-05 - Marathon Day / The Nightfloat

And it seems that Carol is a great heroine… Two episodes in a row Carol’s Second Act that the character saves someone’s life, at least in “The Nightfloat”She was still humble in asking for help when“ success ”went to her head.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

I like how Dr. Jacob who shows his strength and even after doing a marathon, ends up wanting to work, and when a problem arises, he doesn’t let it affect him. Her dialogue for Carol, after understanding what the resident is doing, is sensational, as she makes it clear that because she is a woman and black, she sometimes has to show twice her competence to be respected, just as it ends up happening with Denis.

And she trusts Carol who in the next episode leaves her responsible for the night shift alone. At first she uses Dr. Frost, but in the end she ends up doing everything so well, that she gets Denis’ respect, even though he suffered with her way, because she talks too much.

When she finds a complicated case, she ends up giving in and asking for help from Jacob, who is flattered by the resident not screwing up in such a complicated case.

The little things were interesting too, like Caleb and his disgust for feet on a marathon day where everyone is there with their feet on display, or the date night where he and Lexie meet some girls with the help of Daniel and Jenny.

I want to see Carol’s reaction when she realizes that Jenny and Daniel are attracted to each other.

It’s really cool that the series is about how an older person is treated when they get into a job and how they need to run to prove they’re capable, and Carol’s Second Act abuses it, but ends up being a delight because of Patricia’s talent.