Carol’s Second Act | 1 × 03 – The Zebra

 Carol's Second Act |  1 × 03 - The Zebra

In its 3rd episode Carol’s Second Act reaffirms her work in showing Carol as a lady willing to overcome herself and make her dream less tortuous, and also to have selfish moments of learning, but knowing how to share in the end.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

What everyone expected there was to find a patient who was a “zebra”, one who comes with silly symptoms, but in the end he has a disease that can even generate an article. Of course Daniel is focused on the case, but ends up losing space to Caleb and Lexie.

I loved Daniel being picked up by Jacob for eating his blueberry muffin and needing to trade with Dennis, who doesn’t like him, to remain evident with his boss. Daniel will be the laughing stock of the series, always showing superiority, but always falling for the antics of his friends.

Lexie and Caleb’s fight even puts Dr. Frost in the middle, as she hopes his friend won’t use his contacts to win the case, but when he sees that she’s smarter than him, he ends up using Frost to meet his father .

In the end it is Carol who finds Zebra and rubs it in the face of others. Seeing that her patient is really bad, she is able to use her mother and teacher way to organize doctors and nurses and save her patient.

She ends up putting the name of her friends in the article, less than Daniel, who will only be mentioned on Instagram.

Carol’s Second Act it’s silly, but fun, and as I pointed out in the last two episodes Patricia Heaton it’s wonderful.