Carol’s Second Act | 1 × 02 – You Give Me Fever

 Carol's Second Act |  1 × 02 - You Give Me Fever

AND Carol’s Second Act makes another fun episode, with punctual jokes and crazy doctors to do their job, even if one of them doesn’t know how to draw blood.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

What I like most is Carol’s construction and her euphoria about being a doctor and having her first patient. I did not like the happy ending of her again passing over Dr. Jacob, at least she was punished, which she passed on to Dr. Sommers.

The best is the way they used to criticize doctors who think they are better than nurses, and then there are the criticisms of Dr. Kutcher, who thinks that drawing blood is the work of nurses, and he himself does not know how to do it. Dennis has a very interesting personality and he was really pissed off by the comment.

When we find out that he doesn’t know how to do the procedure, they take it lightly and makes Dr. Gilani make a video with Dennis teaching Kutcher in practice. Dr. Frost talks to them and says that he noticed in Kutcher’s face that he didn’t know and wanted him to learn, so he put him there.

Carol’s Second Act is still a pleasure to see and entertaining us with the electricity of Patricia Heaton and I love it Ashley Tisdale like your daughter Jenny.