Carnival 2020: check out the parades scheduled for today in Rio

Carnival 2020: check out the parades scheduled for today in Rio

Hummingbird, Willow tree and Youth they are some of the most awaited for today (24). So, check out which parades are scheduled for this Monday at Rio de Janeiro.

On this second day of Carnival, cariocas wait for schools São Clemente, Vila Isabel, Willow tree, United of Tijuca, Mocidade and Beija-Flor, in this sequence.

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So, here’s what to expect from samba schools:

São Clemente

São Clemente at Carnival 2020. |  Photo: Reproduction.

Regarding the lyrics, the São Clemente school will talk about the hoaxes that permeate Brazil. For this, the group will have a humorous tone, since Marcelo Adnet, André Carvalho, Gabriel Machado, Pedro Machado, Gustavo Albuquerque, Camilo Jorge, Luiz Carlos França and Raphael Candel are responsible for the composition of the samba.

In this sense, the samba-enredo talks about the constant appearance of fake news, the power of social networks and other topics much discussed in the country.

About this, the song ends with the verses: “Brazil, shared, went viral, never even saw / And the whole country sambou like this / Fell into fake news”

Vila Isabel

Vila Isabel will honor Brasilia this year, bringing the samba-enredo. Thus, the country will be represented by a curumim (child, in Tupi-Guarani) who dreams of being under the wings of the jaçanã (bird), where he meets his people.

More than paying homage, it will also make a criticism. Soon, he will state that Brasília was built by a suffering people.

Willow tree

Salgueino, this time, will bring his plot around the Negro and his life in Brazil. In this way, in the first lines of the synopsis, the carnival director Alex de Souza will say “I was born free! / I am the son of“ Negro Malaquias ”, a daring fellow who hunted the“ runaway ”of the sinhô and sinhá farm, who were even “good”. And my mother, Leandra, was a pet captive. ”

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United of Tijuca

Unidos da Tijuca at Carnival 2020. |  Photo: Reproduction.

Under a concrete protest, Unidos da Tijuca will severely criticize the events in the city of Rio de Janeiro, which suffers in several ways. In contrast, he will also discuss the beauties of the Marvelous City.

Therefore, samba brings the verses: “Lágrima goes down the hill / Serra that cuts the forest / Mata, purity in the eyes / Rio asks for help”.


Already the Independent Youth of Padre Miguel, despite having been away for a while, three years ago stands out for the quality of its samba-enredo. So, this time, the school will bring Elza Soares, with the plot. More than that, Mocidade already presents itself as one of the favorites to win the 2020 Carnival.


Beija-Flor at Carnival 2020. |  Photo: Reproduction.

Regarded as one of the most controversial historically, Beija-Flor will be the last samba school to perform this Monday. This year, the group will tell about the paths taken by humanity.

In addition, the school is expected to fall between criticism and poetry to address the sensitive subject.