Carmen Sandiego | Season 1 review

 Carmen Sandiego |  Season 1 review

Carmen Sandiego arrives in this wave of new versions of classic animated series from the 80s and 90s that the Netflix has proposed. After launching She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power last year, the streaming service now reinterprets the adventures of the international superstar known as: Carmen Sandiego.

Carmen Sandiego (2019)Carmen Sandiego – Review – Season 1 | Photo: Netflix

The animation, aired there in the 90s, was based on the game of the same name released by Brøderbund Software, and marked by its mysterious protagonist, who wore an iconic hat, a red coat and always appeared with a crazy plan to steal historical artifacts from museums around the world. Thus, the drawing had that more investigative tone, but also, it had a super educational vein, after all, in every place in the world, where Carmen Sandiego appeared, the production showed us curiosities and information about the place the thief visited.

The Netflix version, released now in 2019, maintains all of these characteristics and gets it right by bringing back the striking atmosphere of the old series, where the writers here go further and include a bit of the past, told as a super origin story hero, for Carmen, or, called in the new version of Black sheep.

The first episodes of Carmen Sandiego, sin by introducing a good and large part of the characters of the series, all at once, all this in less than 40 minutes, something that leaves the plot a little too busy, after all, the series does not give us time to process each one of them and understand how they fit into this new world presented.

So, right away, we know the young version of the protagonist, the villains, the good guys, the good guys disguised as villains and vice versa. Besides that, Carmen Sandiego also presents us with some of the bows that are unfolded throughout the first season.

But after the pilot Becoming Carmen Sandiego: Part I and II, the series wears its best red coat, interlocks and makes for a fun first year, with charismatic characters, and mixes a plot of espionage and action, with mind-boggling thefts and technological artifacts to make James Bond jealous of 007 and Ethan Hunt from the franchise Mission Impossible . Like this, Carmen Sandiego makes a series of episodes (the series has already been renewed for a second year!) that convey a message about friendship, respect and tolerance to others.

Related imageCarmen Sandiego – Review – Season 1 | Photo: Netflix

Here, in this version, Carmen Sandiego (voice in the original Gina Rodriguez) is an orphan who was raised on a remote island, where the organization VILE (full of puns!) trains his collaborators from a young age in the art of theft. So the mega corporation evil, has teachers from all over the world, subjects of the most diverse and its board has sinister plans in mind for each group that graduates there.

After leaving for a solo career, and with the help of a young hacker, Player (original voice of Finn Wolfhard) and two other collaborators, Carmen intends to overshadow the plans of the organization that created her and is always a hat away from her former professional international thieves.

So, throughout the episodes, there are 9 in total, we left with the character to various locations around the world, like the city of Amsterdam (in the great 1 × 05 – The Duke of Vermeer Caper), Ecuador (1 × 04 – The Fishy Doubloon Caper), Australia (in the fun 1 × 06- The Opera in the Outback Caper with an interesting chase in the middle of the opera Carmen!) and Mumbai (1 × 07 -The Chasing Paper Caper), where, during the season, Carmen Sandiego, just like in the original series, gives us curiosities and fun facts about the countries visited.

The writers also take the opportunity to introduce us to the dynamics between the characters, to deepen the mythology created for this new series and to play with the relationships between good guys and bad guys. After all, here Carmen Sandiego needs to save works of art with incomparable values ​​against the clutches of VILE, bypass the international police, Interpol and its two agents (the French steals the show!) Who are on their tail and still discover the meanings of clues that appear about your past.

As a great surprise, Carmen Sandiego bets on a globalized (anti) heroine to make a humorous, light and full of good comedies series that still gets it right, in putting again, the iconic and mysterious Carmen Sandiego back on the map. After all, where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?