Captain Marvel will be released exclusively on Disney +

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Marvel fans are currently looking forward to the debut of Captain Marvel, the heroine’s first solo film expected in early March 2019, but we already know a little about the future of production: after leaving theaters, the film will be the very first Marvel original feature to be released on Disney +, Disney’s streaming service.

Bog Iger, Disney CEO, says the platform will be launched in late 2019 and at a cheaper subscription price than Netflix, which now becomes its direct competitor: until then Marvel and Disney used to send their films to Netflix, but the platform will completely lose its rights to company content very soon.

Movies from Marvel, Lucasfilm and Fox will go to Disney + programming, except for productions rated R, that is, for adults. Therefore, films like Deadpool, which now belong to Marvel, will not be available on the service.

Captain Marvel, in turn, will show Brie Larson playing the pilot Carol Danvers who will be involved in an accident in the 90s. The explosion of a kree machinery exposes the character to radiation and transforms her into a kree / human hybrid, acquiring super strength, ability flight and a “seventh sense”. Such skills will help Carol to become Captain Marvel, who will defend the world from war between two races.

Check out the subtitled trailer:

The film opens on March 7 in theaters in Brazil.

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