Captain Marvel may not be a source film

Captain Marvel may not be a source film

In a recent Entertainment Weekly post, we have news that Captain Marvel may not show the origin of Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) on her superpowerful journey. Apparently, in the film the heroine will have already left Earth and joined a Kree military organization called Starforce.

The film will also be set in the 90s, which explains the image of the blue and green uniform previously seen being worn by Brie Larson, who was the Starforce uniform, worn by the character at the beginning of the film.

This change in the traditional format of Marvel films goes against what Kevin Feige said about the film being a source story, although Nate Moore had already suggested that the structure of the source films would be shaken in this narrative. In this way, your transition will be a personal discovery as a human, who will need to answer questions about your past to become Captain Marvel.

As he returns from outer space to Earth, he will fight an invasion by Skrulls and meet a young SHIELD agent named Nick Fury. Does it remind you of a post-credits scene from a certain 2018 film?

While we wait for more news, read more about Captain Marvel to prepare for the film’s release, expected to open in theaters on March 6, 2019.