Captain Marvel: Can Goose see the future? Theory says yes!

Charlie Cox talks about clashes between Matt Murdock and Elektra

Recently a fan theory was released on Reddit that suggests that Captain Marvel’s cat Goose has the ability to predict the future. But beware: this publication may contain spoilers for the film.

It was not confirmed by Marvel, but it makes some sense: according to the theory, some of Flerken’s actions throughout the film were premetidated by a futuristic vision, which allowed him to help Skurll, Fury and Carol Danvers on their initial journey.

Two moments stand out: Goose knew that the Tesseract would be important for the mission and swallows him up, guaranteeing his protection and then returning him to Fury’s table, to give him the opportunity to act.

In another moment, it is revealed that the origin of the loss of Fury’s eye was thanks to Goose, who scratched it. In Captain America: Winter Soldier, this wound is essential for the character’s survival. Coincidence?

In addition, the kitten also has a great extra sense for perceiving subtle signs, imperceptible to the Huamnos, as when he realized that Talos was posing as a guard and ensured that Skrull was saved.

Everything is, however, a theory.

The film is currently in theaters and is doing very well, breaking box office records around the world while winning good reviews even with a boycott of some Marvel fans who disagree with the film’s feminist stance and its leading actress, Brie Larson .

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