Call of Duty brings free innovative experience to play with Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty brings free innovative experience to play with Call of Duty: Warzone

Welcome to Warzone, an innovative experience in Call of Duty. Free for all players, Call of Duty: Warzone is now available for Playstation 4, Xbox one, and PRAÇA. Warzone is a new experience of the universe of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare where 150 players can team up with friends to explore the fictional city of Verdansk, an immense online combat arena full of uninterrupted action and fun. At launch, players will gather and play in trios between two epic modes, which will include a new type of the popular MMA mode for survival Battle Royale, with new ways of playing, and a new mode called Plunder, in which teams will fight to see who can accumulate the most money in the game.

Published by Activision and developed by Infinity Ward and Raven Software, Call of Duty: Warzone it’s free for all players to download and play. The full version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare it is not necessary to play Warzone.

Call of Duty remains one of the most successful franchises of all time“, Comments Bobby Kotick, Activision Blizzard CEO. “With Warzone will give players around the world the chance to enjoy the fun of Call of Duty for free“.

Warzone is more than a new era for Call of Duty, it is a real innovation for players and fans. We’re bringing two incredible game modes into this giant world that take the experience to the next level“, Stated Byron Beede, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Activision’s Call of Duty. “The teams at Infinity Ward and Raven Software have created an incredible, free to play experience that is accessible to anyone who wants to dive into the game and have fun. We have a lot of planned content and events that will arrive to keep fans excited and prepared for new experiences“.

Warzone is a great sandbox for combats and adventures on a gigantic scale, with the signature gameplay Call of Duty with new and fun ways to play and win”Comments Patrick Kelly, Co-Studio Head and Creative Director, Infinity Ward. “We are proud of the Modern Warfare universe that we created and the world of Warzone that offers a perfect and free experience for everyone to download and play with friends. Today is just the beginning; we can’t wait to start this journey with the fans“.

Warzone was developed with all game styles and skill levels in mind, so no matter how much you want to play there is something for everyone’s enjoyment“, said Ryan Burnett, Senior Executive Producer, Raven Software. “Warzone also brings the community closer together with support for crossplay and unified progression that it shares with Modern Warfare, something the team is very proud of. It’s been a fun journey and we look forward to all players immersing themselves in this action-packed experience“.

In Battle Royale mode of Warzone, the player finds himself within the gigantic world of Verdansk with 150 players in teams of three, to fight to be the last surviving team in a colossal shootout. In this redesigned Battle Royale, players of all levels and styles will find new ways to play and be rewarded in survival mode.

Players can collect money within the game to purchase equipment, field enhancement, casualty series or resuscitation card for fallen colleagues at the Purchase Stations scattered around the map and thus turn the tide of warSquads can choose to pick up Contracts, optional mini-missions in-game scattered around the map, which in the end are paid for with epic in-game rewards, including rare loot, In-Game Money and Weapon XP to help teams gain an advantage in the competition. it means you’re out. In Warzone’s Battle Royale, there are different ways for players to return to battle: Gulag is a new way to guarantee a second chance in Battle Royale’s survival mode. Upon being eliminated, the player is taken to Gulag to face another player fallen in a 1v1 shootout in which the winner takes everything, in a chance to remobilize back into the game. In addition, players can earn enough in-game money to purchase an Auto Resuscitation Kit to heal themselves after being shot down by an opponent. collecting enough money can also bring back fallen teammates at the Purchase Stations scattered across the map.

Warzone also features a new large-scale combat mode called Drop, where Battle Royale’s freedom and style of play meet the fast-paced Call of Duty action.

In Withdraw, teams enter an action-packed race to collect as much Money in the match as possible by raiding Supply Boxes, eliminating opponents, completing Contracts or by controlling key Money deposit locations around the map. Each player has unlimited respawns, their own weaponry, series of casualties and more, when using various team strategies to grow and protect their Money in the match. There are several ways to win, creating almost infinite possibilities for epic moments and creative ways to win this assault on the battlefield.

Call of Duty: Warzone supports crossplay and has unified progression with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. For players who already have the full version of Modern Warfare, all content already conquered, including Battle Pass items, Operators, weapons and customization items will be uploaded to Warzone, and all progress made in Warzone will count towards the overall progression from Modern Warfare. For players who do not have the full version of Modern Warfare, all progress and items they earn in Warzone will be transferred to Modern Warfare if they decide to purchase it one day.

In addition, Warzone shares the same Items Store and Modern Warfare Battle Pass System, which includes a new Operator, Weapons, Weapon Projects, Operator Skins, XP Tokens and more. The Battle Pass system allows players to unlock two free functional weapons, up to 300 COD Points, business cards and more just by playing. Those who want to bring their game to a new level can purchase the Second Season Battle Pass for 1,000 COD Points to access up to 100 tiers of new content, including the instant unlocking of an iconic Special Forces Operator, Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley.

The Call of Duty Endowment Defender Pack (CODE) is also available at the Call of Duty Store for a limited time and includes 11 digital in-game items including a cosmetic variant of the Defender Pistol, a camouflaged weapon and a watch. 100% of Activision’s net revenue received with this pack goes directly to the Call of Duty Endowment, a nonprofit organization that helps US and UK war veterans find high-quality civilian jobs.