Calamity and disgrace are real in Pathologic 2

Calamity and disgrace are real in Pathologic 2

Pathologic 2 started as a remake of a 2005 game called Pathologic (Мор. Утопия). The original game, although not becoming popular, was very well received and appreciated by those who had the chance to play it. His psychological horror with adventure was captivating and with tremendous potential, but it was far from perfect. Let us mention the mechanics of it, which was a bit truncated and required some patience from the player, poorly positioned cameras and other little problems. Still, it demonstrated that it was a game that sought to escape the traditional, offering a different and very interesting experience.

However, it did not gain much notoriety in the West since the English translation was not that kind of thing (the original game is in Russian), adding to the fact that it was kind of “broken” due to limitations and even lack of experience. of the team involved.

And with the idea of ​​improving the first game and now more experienced, the people of Ice-Pick Lodge chose to seek funding through a Kickstarter campaign and a partnership with tinyBuild. And the result of all these efforts reaches Steam today: Pathologic 2.

Initially the idea was to keep the same name, but to avoid confusion, Ice-Pick Lodge opted for Pathologic 2, as several changes have been implemented in the game. Now you control a character different from the original, in addition to having new mechanics and elements that seek to make the experience even more rewarding and desperate. Yes, desperate. Don’t expect things to be easy and simple because they won’t be. The game promises to deliver an intense and tragic experience where every minute counts.

In the game, a mysterious and deadly plague spreads through a remote village. Even though the symptoms of this disease are identifiable, the source of the disease is still a mystery. The disease is highly infectious and deadly, affecting the blood circulation and the mind of the sick. Time is your most precious asset. No decision will be easy and in the face of a collapsing society, you will realize that you cannot save everyone.

Pathologic 2 is now available for PRAÇA and Xbox one.