‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: 5 details at the police station that you never noticed

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: 5 details at the police station that you never noticed

A lot of work is involved in creating a series. And, unfortunately, minute details, which bring realism to the scene, end up going unnoticed. At the police station, there are several such details.

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He chose some small details hidden in the 99 police station, which probably few fans of the series noticed. Some elements have been there since the beginning of the series, while others have been added over the course of the seasons.

5 details at the police station that you never noticed

5 – Folders with the colors of bowiris from Holt

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Although many fans were shocked when Holt revealed his sexuality in the show’s first episode, he was right when he said he never tried to hide his homosexuality.

In addition to the rainbow flag he keeps on his desk, the Captain Holt he also has several folders organized in the pattern of the pride flag, right behind his desk.

4 – Scully Award

Scully from Brooklyn nine-nine

Although many people, including their own co-workers, have dismissed entirely Hitchcock and Scully as detectives, they did some fascinating things during their careers.

A framed prize can be seen on the police station wall. This award was awarded to Scully for the evidence that Scully was a brilliant detective.

3 – Holt’s portrait

Kevin and Holt Brooklyn Nine-nine

The oil painting by Holt that Amy painted did not please the captain, but he commented that her husband would like it. And this is what happened. Kevin has the portrait hanging in his own office.

Although this object is not at the police station, its existence is the direct result of an activity that happened there, and that is why it is on this list.

2 – Gina’s small urn

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Although Gina likes to act as if she doesn’t care about anyone – besides her – in fact, she loves her colleagues at Police Station 99.

When Ginny was one of the main characters in, she had a small urn on her desk, with the inscription: “Ashes from troubled employees”.

1- Photo of Amy with Jake

amy and jake brooklyn nine-nine

In, it’s important that fans stay tuned to the characters’ tables to get to know them better.

After Jake and Amy finally taking over the relationship, a small framed photo of the couple can be seen on their table. This photo was taken from the actors’ real-life Instagram account.