British Phenomenon: Dua Lipa’s Top 5 Songs

British Phenomenon: Dua Lipa’s Top 5 Songs

The singer and songwriter Dua Lipa was born in London in 1995 and is considered one of the greatest contemporary artists. Winner of two Grammy Awards, Dua has been gaining more and more notoriety in the music industry, a well-deserved recognition.

With a more serious tone, his trademark, Dua Lipa’s career started at the age of 14, with covers on YouTube, and grows more and more. The singer recently released her second studio album, which is available on all musical platforms. And, thinking about it, here is a Top 5 with some of best musics of your career.

Dua Lipa’s Top 5 Songs


His second debut, was a milestone in the career of Dua Lipa, being one of his clips with the highest number of views. Released in 2015, the song talks about a possible loving return.


In general, it is, indeed, one of the best songs of Dua Lipa. With a theme focused on loving disappointment and maturation, the, launched in 2018, received several international certifications and reached the forty-ninth position of


Released in 2016, the song received numerous positive reviews and is considered one of the most homonymous compositions by Dua Lipa. The clip has more than 250 million views on YouTube, also joining the list of most viewed clips of the singer.


With over 2 billion views on YouTube, the song , launched in 2017, earned the singer, just 24 years old, nine platinum certifications around the world. In addition, it also won the first most played position in eight countries.


“Tamborzinho, tamborzinho”! The song makes up the album and is one of the best in the singer’s career. Involving empowerment and loving goodbyes, the song became known worldwide and reached the top position in several musical rankings around the world.

Her appearance and fame at BBB20, thanks to the participant Manu Gavassi, also generated views and notoriety for the singer.