Brazil On Netflix | Samantha wants to be more mature in the 2nd season of the comedy!

 Brazil On Netflix |  Samantha wants to be more mature in the 2nd season of the comedy!

During the press event last month with Netflix, one of the panels was from the comedy Samantha!

On stage, we had the actress Emanuelle Araújo, the actor Douglas Silva and one of the surprises of the new year, the actress Zezeh Barbosa.

The trailer for the new year was shown first hand at the event, but already showed, right away, what to expect from the second season new characters, a Samantha wanting to be more mature, and recognized as a real actress. But, of course, always getting into trouble.

With the disclosure that it will come out Samonstra – The Movie, Samantha wants to remove a cone from this story. Araújo stated in the chat with journalists that [Samantha] she realizes that something is not working very well for her, in this image of being a child forever. ”

For the new year, Samantha wants to fight stereotypes, but the way Samantha to be. Araújo says that the character will try to prove to the public that she is a mature woman, yes. Thus, throughout the new episodes we will see the character start attending meetings of parents and teachers and even (try!) Consolidate a career in theater.

During the panel, it was clear that in the new year of Samantha! the characters go, by leaps and bounds, to try to evolve, change and look for new paths and endeavors to follow. This is the case for children, Cindy and Brandon, who will continue to have their own bows and isolated from their parents.

The same goes for the player Dodo, who besides trying to earn his money, will have to deal with the arrival of his mother Socorro (Barbosa) to go head to head with Samantha. According to the actress, Help judges everything and everyone, especially the daughter-in-law and has a giant jealousy of her son.

For the new year, we will still have, the return of Plimpon Group, both in the older versions, the newer ones and many cameos.

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Samantha! returns on April 18 on Netflix.