Borderlands 3: Number of players on Steam impresses

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 comes crashing on the Steam platform.

It is a fact that when some games started to become exclusive to Epic Games Store, many of the fans of these franchises, but also loyal to the platform Steam, they wrinkled their nose.

Some of these promised to boycott the games and even claimed that they would opt for illegal downloading. But for no reason, they would spend at the Epic store.

And among these more extreme people, there were those who chose to just wait until the exclusivity ended and the game in question was available on the platform Steam.

And one of these games that generated all kinds of reactions was Borderlands 3 gives Gearbox / 2K Games. But finally, after almost six months of waiting, he arrived. And it came crashing.

The game that was released last week on the Steam platform, recorded the incredible number of 93,597 players simultaneously.

For comparison, the maximum number registered by the previous game, Borderlands 2, also on the platform of Valve was 123,596 players.

Such numbers demonstrate the strength that Valve owns and should be the reason for some companies to question some of their recent moves regarding “exclusivity”.

And some may argue that Borderlands 3 peaked at 250,000 simultaneous players on Epic, but the information was released by the president of Gearbox – Randy Pitchford. And it is data that no one outside has access to.

I confess that I’m a little skeptical about these partnerships and exclusives when it comes to big companies.

I say this thinking about the games of Ubisoft which have become exclusive to Epic’s platform and I wonder if these have yielded what she expected. Whereas The Division 2 joined in promotion with practically 95% discount with only one year of life, I could risk not. However in the case of The Division 2, there are other variables to consider. But I will not go into this further.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that the two PC versions of Borderlands 3 offer cross-play, so no matter what version you have, what matters is enjoying your game and having fun.