Book Contagio, by author David Koepp, will be adapted for film by Paramout Pictures

Book Contagio, by author David Koepp, will be adapted for film by Paramout Pictures

THE Paramount Pictures announced today (23), via Variety, which develops a film based on the author’s book David Koepp called Cold Storage.

Launched in Brazil by Editora HarperCollins in 2019, the work arrived here with the title of Contagion.

According to the publication, the director Jonny Campbell will lead the project that has been described as a feature film that has full priority within the studio.

Koepp, besides having written the book, takes care of the script.

Check the synopsis of the book:

In 1987, the Pentagon agent, Roberto Diaz, was sent to a small community in the Australian desert to investigate the emergence of a new species of fungus that made everyone who came into contact with him sick. However, when he arrives at the site, he discovers something much worse: the organism modifies its own DNA at an impressive speed and can exterminate life on Earth in a few days. With the help of his partner, Diaz manages to contain the threat. A single specimen of the fungus, however, is captured and taken to an American military base to be isolated hundreds of meters underground.

Decades later, the same base is sold to a private company and, with the increase in the temperature of the planet, the fungus is able to free itself from its quarantine. At first, the two watchmen on the scene – Travis “Teacake” Meacham, a former inmate trying to reorganize his life, and Naomi Williams, a single mother – have no idea how close they are to danger. And now the only one who can help them is retired agent Diaz. The trio, then, has only one night to save the world from a terrible fate. But, with only luck and courage as weapons, will they be able to prevent contagion?

Contagion has no premiere date or names in the cast.